Saturday, May 14, 2011

Valle de Angeles and Santa Lucia - Honduras

Driving in the mountains to Valle de Angeles! There were tons of these hut type things where they were selling fruits/veggies and cooking things to sell.
Finally got to Valle de Angeles! LOVED these little taxi cars! ha!!
Street view! LOVED this quaint little town! Lots of shopping! :)
Inside of a shop looking out into the street!
Can anyone say....traffic? More like CRAZY traffic! ha! No can walk down the middle of the street....the cars will dodge you. :)
This just floored me. They always drove down the streets with TONS of people in the back of their trucks...even the busiest of highways! *gasp* That would never fly here in the
Exploring a wood shop...he's painting the wood here.
Carving wood...
Making wooden boxes...
Walking from one shop to another...
The finished product in every possible size!
Another street view
Street vendor making pupoosa's! Ohhh so yummy!
Side walk cafe. :)

One of the oldest churches
They had Espresso Americano's everywhere in Honduras!
Loving this courtyard in the city centre! It was so family oriented here!
Loved this fountain!
Friends! Sarah, Venita, and I!
The restaurant we ate at.

Ms. Olga (Venita's friend from school), Venita, and Sarah
Me, V, and Sarah
Mmmmm Red refried beans, chips, and sausage. YUM!
Our food served on plastic wrap on a wooden plate. :) beef, rice, sausage, red refried beans, Honduran cheese.
Now THIS my a new way to wash your hands! YES, you get "clean" water out of a huge trash can...wash your hands (or in that pink bowl if you like) and then place the (pink) bowl back in the "clean" water. Never in my LIFE would I have ever dreamed of washing my hands this way. Thank God for hand sanitizer. What an experience. :)
City entrance/exit.
Driving back through the mountains....what a gorgeous view!
On the side of the mountain...
The big stoves that they cook in...this was on the side of the mountain.
Arriving in Santa Lucia! LOVED this quaint town!!!

LOVE this view!!
Love this pic of us gals!! Loving the view behind us!
Walking around in Santa Lucia
This just simply amazes me. LOL
So love this picture!
Simply breathtaking!

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Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Love your pics, I just returned from Honduras yesterday and was looking up a store that was in the valley when I stumbled across your post here... so funny - you and I have similar pics that I have posted throughout the week.

My team and I even ate at the same restaurant you did a few years back.... the sausage to the bean and cheese pot is a new addition though.