Monday, June 28, 2010

"All we need is You!"

I just have to share this video with yall! As I was preparing to have some prayer time tonight, I always like to pray with music on, so I turned on to have continous music playing, and the first song that came on was this totally goes with what I've heard all week at Power of One. I do have to say it really made me cry and I pray that everyone has this prayer! What else do we really need on this earth, but Jesus? I'm overwhelmed by His love. He holds the universe in His hands, He is the Master of everything and I don't ever want to go a day without Him in my life. I hope this video touches you as much as it did me.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Paradise? Or No?

This morning, I had to make a stop to the police station to pick up some police reports for my job. They recently moved and I was unsure where I was going. Needless to say, I had to drive straight up in the ghetto to get to the police station. As I'm trying to figure out where I'm at and where I could possibly be going (lol) I looked over and saw this "sight". Really? REALLY?? Pretty sure this is
N O T what I would call Paradise. LOL!! Just saying. :) I quickly pulled out my phone and quickly took a never know what might happen when you're in the ghetto...and I sure didn't want to find out. LOL

So, I hope you get a laugh out of this...I sure got plenty out of it today. :)

Fathers Day

To all the Fathers out there...I trust you had a wonderful and Happy Fathers Day!! I am so thankful for my Dad...or "Daddio" as I call him. ;) So thankful for his love, support, and Godly example. Thank You for raising me in a wonderful Christian home full of Pentecostal Heritage. I couldn't trade that for anything! I love you, Dad!!! You're the best Daddio in the world!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

"Not Today!"

My heart is full today...I can not even begin to express how amazing church was today! Bro. Doug Klinedinst preached at TLC today and God did some awesome things in service. The message was so timely...and could not be any more perfect. "NOT TODAY, DEVIL!!!!!" I don't have time to play any games. I don't have time for the devil to play his tricks on me in life. NOT TODAY, DEVIL!!! We don't have time for you! Get on out of here, because we have overcome! We're FREE! We've got the VICTORY!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bucket List

I was just scrolling through my Bucket List and seriously...there is so much to discover and experience in this world!! I am blessed to be able to have done so much already, but there is still so much that I would like to do! If you don't know me by now, you will quickly find out that I L-O-V-E to travel and see as much as I can in this world! Somebody has to do it, right?! LOL

So, what are some things on your bucket list? If you don't have a bucket list, I encourage you to make one! It's quite fun seeing and remembering all the things you've been able to do or to help you make plans to do. :)

I discovered tonight that my bucket list is almost 5 pages long...typed. LOL And...I hope you're sitting down...this is going to be a shocker! Not only is my Bucket List 5 pages keeps growing!! LOL

Here are just a few of the items that I still have yet to do:

o Ride in a hot air balloon
o Play tennis
o Learn to play the piano
o Go on a helicopter ride
o See the Northern Lights in Alaska
o Go to all 50 states...I think I only lack around 10 more.
o See all 7 Wonders of the World
o Drive a classic car
o Publish a book of Kansas City pictures
o Drive a convertible down Hwy 1 in California
o Rent a Tuscan home
o Go to at least one country on every continent
o Have a picnic in Central Park, NYC
o Buy 5 pairs of shoes in one day (this shouldn't be too hard LOL)

So yeah, maybe one day I will get to do everything on my list...doesn't hurt to try, right?! :) What would you like to do?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Say it, Don't just think it!

Sometimes I wish my brain had an 'off-switch'. Just sayin. :) There are times where I think about stuff way too much. lol So...I thought that on this particular thing, I would just blog about it. :)

"Say it, Don't just think it!"

It seems like I've heard this particular subject being talked about a lot lately, as well as seen video blogs and quotes about it. It seems as though this is an area that people in general are lacking in. When we think of something nice to say, why don't we just say it? Why do we hold it in? If we think of a nice compliment, or even just telling someone how much they mean to us...why don't we just tell them? With all the negativity and criticism that is in the world today...I can assure you that people never get tired of hearing something nice and positive. :) Even if it is once a day, once a week, or a million times a day...people can't read our minds, so this is a new goal for me, and I challenge you, to reach out and let other people know the nice thoughts you are thinking about them! :) Not only will it make their day but it will also make you feel good too! :)

I saw a quote this week that is perfect for this topic...

"Never miss an opportunity to tell someone how much they mean to you."

I love this quote!! I never want to miss an opportunity like this! Yes, I know I have missed many, but it is something that we should all strive to work on! We have all been blessed to have many wonderful people in our lives, and I don't ever want to take it for granted and not let them know what they mean to me! :) I'm so thankful for all the marvelous people that God has placed in my life! My life would not be the same had it not been for the people in my life, helping make who I am today...and for that, I am grateful! Love you all!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Still Alive...

Wow, I didn't realize it's been over a week since my last post. I'm such a slacker. LOL Things have been a little busy around here the last week or so. Nothing major going on just busy with life.

I did however just get back from Texas! I had a wonderful weekend! Friends and Family always make a weekend all the better! ;) I had such a wonderful time!!

This will be another busy week for me, but wanted to let everyone know I was still alive! I'll try to do better on posting! :)

Have a wonderful week!