Tuesday, October 21, 2008

General Conference '08!!

I just got back from General Conference, in Greensboro, North Carolina!!! We had a BLAST!! :) Our hotel was sweet!!! It was like a mini apartment which was wonderful since we were there for several days! :) We got to see so many friends!!! And I got to see some people that I haven't seen for a long time! God did some awesome stuff at the Crusade on Sunday night! I am so glad that we were able to go and experience this first hand! There were over 375 people that got the Holy Ghost!! Over 111 people that was baptized! (They were still baptizing people when we left). There were so many healings that took place! There was a lady that walked out of her wheel chair!!! I'm not sure if she was walking completely on her own or not, but that is still a miracle!! There was someone that got healed of asthma! A lady that was crippled in her left leg was completely healed and walked out normal! She was jumping around praising God for what He had done for her! It was so awesome!!! There was a missionaries 13 year old boy that had had minengitus (sp?) and had been at death's door. He was completely deaf in his left ear, and God healed him!!!!! After they prayed for him, he kept snapping in his ear, and at one point he said he could hear!!!!!!!! It was SOOO awesome to experience so many healings in one service! God is AWESOME!!! Anyways, I had a BLAST hanging out with all my awesome friends!!! You guys are the best!!

Weekend with the kiddos!

A couple of weeks ago the kids came to visit us for the weekend! We had alot of fun with them! I can't believe how big they are getting!! Ashlyn turned 13 in August, Todd will be 11, and Katelyn will be 9 (both in December). We took them to a couple of different parks that was a lot of fun!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Big Daddy

Today is my grandpa's (Big Daddy) birthday...and if he were still alive he would be 90 years old!! Unfortunately for us, he passed away a couple of years ago. Although we miss him terribly, we know he is better off in Heaven with no more pain and suffering. He was a great man of God and passed along a wonderful heritage!! We love you Big Daddy, and miss you very much!!!

My Dad

As some of you know, my Dad was in the hospital this past Monday to have a heart cath done. Of course we were nervous since it is a pretty serious procedure, but we were praying and trusting in God that everything was going to be okay. I was able to go back to the room where they prepare you for surgery and be with my dad for a little bit. It tore me up because Dad was in there with tears in his eyes from being nervous. I tried my best to comfort him and be there for him. But there is just something about it that when your Daddy cries....but I held strong for him. He went through the surgery and came through everything just fine!! Thank God!! His main artery ended up being 85% blocked and they had to put in a stint. While they were in there, the Dr's looked at his other stints and said they all looked good. So we are very thankful that they caught it before something major happened. God is good! The Dr's also said that the main one that was 75% blocked the last time, is completely GONE!!! They do not know where it went!!!! Thank God!!!! But of course we all know where it went.....God healed him!!!
Thank you all for your prayers and concern on Monday! Dad is now home and doing great!

Girls on the Loose, in L.A.!!!

This past week, Melodie, Sarah, and I were able to spend some time in Los Angelas, CA!!! We had a blast!!!!! We were blessed to stay with Steve and Debbie Saiz, who are awesome people!!! We love them very much and are blessed to have them in our lives!! As you can see we took lots of pictures! Are you surprised? LOL We had a BLAST and enjoyed every minute we were there!!! By the way...do yall want some seafood? LOL

Declynn has Arrived!!

Declynn James Sanders arrived on Thursday, October 2nd!!! He is SOO adorable!!! I was in CA when he was born, but I just got to hold him tonight!!!! He is so sweet!!!