Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

These pics were just too adorable not to post! I didn't get to be with any of my kiddos to see them dressed up in person, but the first three is of my nieces and nephew (Ashlyn, Todd, and Katelyn) and the last one is of my kiddo in Tennessee, Bradyn! So adorable!! They all looked sooo cute!

Trunk or Treat, TLC 2009

This past Tuesday we had Trunk or Treat at church. All the kids LOVED it and had so much fun and we had a TON of visitors! All the kids were adorable! Here are a few pictures I took.
This is my little pumpkin...Noelle Reece Larmie! :)

Buzz Lightyear was even there! Noelle's brother, Caedyn Grant Larmie! :)

Brayden the dinosaur! lol He was so cute!

And Eli the bee! Adorable!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Life Group Outreach

Tonight was another incredible night of outreach! I am so excited about what God is doing! This isn't your "typical" kind of outreach..but I like it! One of the houses that we went to tonight was an older lady. When she came to the door, her face lit up and she immediately recognized all of us and told us that the service she was in was "the best meeting she had ever been in!" We welcomed her back to TLC and she said that she would be back on Sunday!!! God is SOOO awesome!!! She told us that we made her night by stopping by...but what she doesn't that she made MY night!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Mantle Conference 2009

Mantle Conference ROCKED!!! It was absolutely amazing!! The services were awesome! Vertical Praise and Gateway United ROCKED!! Ok so lets just basically say the whole thing was AMAZING!!! God showed up and showed out and did some awesome stuff this past weekend!! On the not so spiritual side...I had a BLAST!! Didn't get much sleep, but it was worth every minute of it!!! Here are a few pictures from the weekend. When I get the rest from Chesh, I'll be sure and post some more. :)

"One Truth" Section 10 choir

Brother Stoneking on Friday night

Alter service on Friday night.

Me (a.k.a. Ms. Toothcake LOL) hiding from Chesh and his camera LOL

Cherith...Paparazzi in training LOL

Chesh, Cherith, Jeremy, Sarah and I hanging out at The Plaza

Worship service on Saturday night!

Worship & Vertical Praise Choir and part of Silent Praise. I LOVE Vertical Praise!!

Chesh and I! He is a great friend of mine! Thought they turned out great!

Jeremy and I! Another great friend of mine! These turned out great too!

I love this pic!! Sarah, Jeremy, Me, and Chesh! :) Great friends!!!

Love this one too! This was the crew this weekend!! Rachel, Venita, Jeremy, Chesh, Isis, Sarah, Me, Michelle, Sarah's neice and nephew, and Cherith!

Chesh and I on our way to eat at Jack Stack BBQ after church on Sunday! After 5 attempts, looks like this one was selected as the best one. lol

And we made it to Jack Stack BBQ at the Freight House District! :) Yummy!

Chesh has the rest of the pictures on his camera, so as soon as I get them, I'll be sure and share some more! :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Acapella Facebook Song

This is hilarious! If you're "into"'ll get a kick out of this.

Gearing up for Mantle Conference

Well I went back to work Tuesday afternoon, which was kind of nice just to work a half day to get back in the swing of things. However, I thought the work day today was never going to end! ha! I am feeling OH so much better. Still not 100% but we're getting there! Thank you all for your prayers while I've been "under the weather".

Just a couple more days and my friends from Tennessee will be coming into town! Yea!! TLC hosts the Mantle Conference every year with Bro Stoneking and that starts Friday night. I am so excited!! I can't believe it is that time of year again! But its going to be awesome and I can't wait! Can we just fast forward to Friday?!?! That would so rock, but seemings that we have another work day, I guess I will just have to wait. LOL!

Hope you have all had a blessed Wednesday!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Blessing Afterall...

These past few days I have been a bit 'under the weather'. I went to the Doctor on Friday and I have a sinus infection and had 100.5 fever. Thankfully the fever is broken now and still trying to get over the other sinus issues. I wasn't able to go to church today and I MISSED TLC sooo much. All I wanted for today was to be in church and feel the presence of God. But...on the bright side, I still was able to "go" to church. I joined my friends at FAC in Maryville, TN via live webcast. It was such a blessing to still feel God even though I couldn't go in person. You should check out their church website at It will definitely bless you!

To all my TLC people...I missed you today..See you next week! :) Love you all!

In Memory...

This post is in special memory of my brother, Bryan. Yesterday would have marked his 41st birthday. Bryan only lived to be 3 days old. Although I never knew my brother, its always been a special time of year for me knowing this is when he was born and when he went to be with Jesus. He's already in Heaven dancing around the streets with my other loved ones thats gone on, and I know that one day I will see him in Heaven. I love you Bryan and you will always be in my heart.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Wow...what an incredible song. Thanks Justin and Crystal for sharing this. What an awesome beautiful God we serve! There are not enough words to describe how amazing He truly is.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Here's to Ya! :)

I just got done talking to one of my best friends online...sometimes life gets in the way and we don't always get to talk, but we always pick up right where we left off. :) Jen, I am so thankful for you!! I thank God for your friendship! God placed you in my life right when I needed you the most, and I don't ever want to take our friendship for granted. You've always lent a listening ear when I needed it. You are a godly beautiful person and such a GREAT mommy!! Bradyn couldn't have been more blessed than with you and Brady. You're one of my besties and I don't know what I would do if you weren't in my life. I love you and miss you more than you will ever know!
Here's a great BIG SOUTHERN HUG just for you!! :)

Love you girl!

"How He Loves Us"

Every time I hear this song, it makes me cry my eyes out. It overwhelms me to think about how much HE really does love us!!! No matter what we've been through, no matter what we've done, no matter the things we've thought, there is NOTHING that our GOD does not love about us. HE has changed us and I am SO glad that we can turn to Him and fully put our TRUST in Him! Thank You Jesus for Your LOVE! I love you more than anything.

Life Group Outreach

TLC has started a new outreach program, and I have to be honest and say that I was excited about the opportunity, but yet with my personality I wasn't very excited because I wasn't sure how it would go. Last night, our Life Group went out on the outreach and it was so awesome! Our goal is to reconnect with people that have been to our church but that hasn't made it their home yet. We went to two families homes last night. And at first I felt really stupid because I didn't know if they would accept us or anything and as we stood there talking to this family, they were taken back by the kindness, and they were SOO grateful that we stopped by. We were only there maybe 5 minutes, but at the end we asked if there was anything we could help them pray about, and they wanted us to pray for their family. We stood there, holding hands (not to mention the fact that it was raining! ha!) and we prayed a simple short prayer. I can not even begin to explain what this did to my heart. This families face completely changed and the Mom had a huge smile on her face. I do believe that we made a difference in that family last night. Just to let them know that someone was thinking of them. I'm excited about the next time we do this and can't wait to see what the next outcome will be! :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

40 Days of Fire

This week started 40 Days of Fire at TLC! God IS just amazing! I get overwhelmed when I think about His goodness and grace. We have SO much to be thankful for! I don't ever want to take things for granted. God is doing such an mighty work and it is so exciting to see it all unfold right before our eyes. When I really think about it, it gets me all teary eyed because our God is an AMAZING GOD!!!!!!!! Like the song we sang today, "From the Inside Out" prayer is that we would love God from the inside of our heart from the outside. When you really think of everything that He has brought you through & kept you from. Really, we have no clue everything that our God has kept us could be danger, sickness, who knows, but we have a God that watches out for us. His grace is sufficient! I thank God for such a wonderful Pastor!! We always know that Pastor has a word from God for our church. I'm so excited to see everything unfold during this 40 days of Fire! We are expecting many GREAT things to happen!!! God rocks my world!!

An evening with Mel!

Can you believe that I forgot my camera at home?! I can't! lol It always goes everywhere with me! LOL But I was downloading some pictures and ran off and left it at home. Bummer! Anyways, my friend Melodie was in town and we got to go to dinner last night! We always have a blast when we're together! It was so good to see her again! I love ya, Mel! Thanks for being such a wonderful friend!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A visit with my girl, Jagada!

My friend Jagada is in town for a couple of days! I am so glad that I got to go to dinner with her last night!!! I wish we didn't live so far away from each other. But every once and a while, we'll get to see each other! I love talking and laughing with her! We had such a good time last night! Sorry the pic is a little fuzzy...Love ya girl!

What a FUN Week!!

This week has been such a blast!!! When I came home from GC, I was completely exhausted, yet wouldn't trade it for anything. It was worth every minute of it. The fun continued even though we are all back home now. I LOVE it when my friends are apart of my day. They have definitely kept me going this week! The times when I thought I was going to be SO sleepy and tired and dragging through the work week, they would post something funny. They have kept me laughing ALL week long. I LOVE IT!!!! If you know me well, you know that I LOVE to have fun. I LOVE to laugh and make memories and that is something that we have definitely done this week! It's been a week of a lot of late night chats and definitely a lot of laughing and I wouldn't trade any of it for anything! :)


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Toothpick Girl meets the Cupcake Man

So the Toothpick Girl and the Cupcake Man meet again! ROTFLOL!! This has gotten to be a HUGE inside joke between several friends of mine. I had to post these pictures in honor of this week! LOL Thanks to Chesh, Cheri, and Sarah for all of their "artwork" this week! HAHA!

The Toothpick Girl and the Cupcake Man meet again...

The Toothpick Girl and Cupcake Man holding hands...

The Toothpick Girl dancing to the Hershey Song...

Then last night, the Toothcake Family expanded and had some children in the middle of the night. ROTFLOL

So Sarah is working on a story line and Chesh is working on lyrics to a song and a video! It's pretty hysterical...don't worry, I'll be posting more to keep you posted on the Toothcake Family, ROTFLOL!!!

General Conference 2009

W.O.W. All I can say is St Louis will never be the same after last week! The services were absolutely amazing!!! There was a total of 723 people that got the Holy Ghost and I believe 60-70 that was baptized!! There was a man that had to wear a neck brace for a very long time and he was healed!! Then on Sunday night at the crusade, there were 2 deaf people that got the Holy Ghost. One of them, when he got the Holy Ghost, he got his hearing back!!!!!! Our God is an AWESOME God!!! On a not so spiritual note, we had an absolute BLAST!! Words can not describe how much fun we had! We made so many memories that I will never forget! Well, I'm sure none of us will ever forget! LOL I have a lot of pictures to post, so bear with me :)
This is Bro Haney, the UPCI General Superintendent as he preached that night. Sorry its a bit blurry.

This is the view from where we sat the first night.

This is a little blurry since the lighting was so weird, but this is my neices and nephew. Todd, Katelyn, and Ashlyn--I loved all their outfits! :)

LOL Really?? They welcomed us on a beer sign???? HAHA!!

As seen on FB...and all my posts about this...these are all the shoes that made it in my suitcase...barely! LOL Such a crisis, I tell ya! HA!!

This is Shannon and I...a really good friend of mine!

This is Jeremy, Shannon, and I...Jeremy is a new friend that I met through Shannon at GC, but he's a great friend! Btw...thanks guys for protecting me! :)

These are my girls, Christina and Isis

View from where we were sitting Friday night, Awesome service!!!

I am SOOO glad that I got to see one of my best friends, Dorenda and her baby Nessie at GC! Ren, I love ya girl and I am SO glad that we finally got to meet up even if it wasn't for long. I miss you! Nessie melted my heart when she came running up to me and called me by name. So sweet!! Such a beautiful little girl...she looks like her Mommy! :)

My girls Venita and Sarah!!! We always have a blast together!

Eating at TGIFridays!

Me and Jeremy!

Hanging out in the hotel lobby! So much fun!!

W.O.W. thats what it is...LOL

Chesh...I do believe you're the one that started, W.O.W. LOL

The gang hanging out downtown!! Oh man, that was so much fun!!

Sarah having FUN! hahaha Then she decided to pull me into it! LOL Good times!

Jeremy immitating Sarah LOL

Ty when he almost fell!!! HAHA!! It was so funny and I'm sure it doesn't have anything to do with the rootbeer on the floor LOL Oh gotta love 2am moments! LOL

I stole this picture, but I love it!! Crystal, Gin, and Melody!! Love these gals!

Ok, this pic was also taken at 2 am and we were acting a little crazy...LOL But this was a must picture...THE famous TIE! LOL Sarah and I got this for Chesh while we were in Greece as a JOKE, but he wears it! ROFLOL!!

Gotta love the "after-service comfort style" LOL

Pastor Gleason and Sis Gleason!! I LOVE then!!

My neice Katelyn and nephew Todd got to sing in the Children's choir! :) I had a proud Auntie moment! :) You can only see Todd in this pic, Kate was behind the pulpit.

Pastor Gleason ROCKING it!!!! I LOVE hearing him preach!!

Me and Jo!! A friend of mine from Minnesota! It was SO good to get to see her again!

Chesh and I...and Christina and I before the Sunday night service!

Sunday Night Holy Ghost Crusade!! There was almost 9,000 people in attendence!!

Jeremy loving Jesus!

Full arena pictures during alter! Thanks Chesh for getting these!

Part of the gang...Our last time together, for awhile. :(

For some reason, Chesh took a picture of Sarah and I in the street? LOL We were saying our last good byes! :( I hated leaving everyone...

Good Bye St Louis