Monday, May 9, 2011

Honduras Adventures: Saturday and Sunday

We got up early this morning to catch a 6:30am bus to go back to Tegucigalpa! First Class! Thank You Jesus for those comfy seats! It's pretty much through the mountains the whole way...and we thought we were going to tip a couple of times. When we arrived back in Teguc...I thought our taxi was going to fall apart. Seriously. There was way too much squeakage going on. I turned at Sarah and tried to tell her something but I knew if I did I would bust out laughing...and we couldn't have that. But...I was thinking "tooo much Americana in the trunk for this little car!" ha!! We finally got back to Venita's and got to do laundry! Don't think we've ever been so thankful to do laundry before. ha!!

We took a breather and went back out and drove around to see some different places around town. We ate at a really nice Italian restaurant out on the patio! We had brushetta and a cheese platter for appetizer, pizza for dinner, and dessert!

Tomorrow is church!! Night!


We woke up early for church this morning so we could start getting ready in case the electricity went out again. But thankfully...nothing happened this morning. We watched a BOTT dvd as we were getting ready! "He's the God of the leftovers!" Goooood sermon!! All was good. :) Until we were driving to church...the excitement began.....:)

Apparently it is a national holiday today for this country. We drove around for over an hour trying to get to church and all the roads were closed. We tried 3 different routes and still we couldn't get to church. During this time...

  • We needed dramamine for the car ride...

  • We drove around one way streets

  • Saw a dead cow head on the front of a car

  • Nearly ran into a wall

  • Drove up a huge hill that we thought V's car wasn't going to make it up...

  • Streets so narrow that only one car could barely fit through.

  • Goats hanging out on the side of the street...on a hill in the city.

  • Dodged a few random barrels in the middle of the road.

  • And on the way home, got stopped at a police check.

All that. And we didn't even get to go to church! ha!! It was quite the adventure!! Good thing we got church through the dvd this morning! :)

So in the meantime, we took it easy for awhile then went out and ate Pupoosa's in a hut restaurant. Oh my word, it was yummy!!! The whole meal for all 3 of us combined (and we had a LOT of food, and drinks) was $13.00! After we ate, we went to the mall and even Walmart (I'm still surprised Venita took us there. ha!)

So there you have it. Another adventurous day in the books!

Tomorrow comes time for our trip to come to a close. I'm ready to get home but I will definitely miss my bestie, V. We've had a wonderful trip!! And I am so glad that we got to experience the Honduran life together these last 10 days! It definitely wouldn't be the same without Sarah and Venita there! We always have the greatest time and can laugh about ALL our craziness that we get ourselves into! :)

*Stay tuned for lots of pictures and videos to come*

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