Sunday, October 31, 2010

TLC Singspiration

Today TLC "show-cased" other musical talents in the church! It was awesome because we were able to enjoy other talent of those that aren't really involved in TLC's Vertical Praise music department. I have to say everyone did a wonderful job! So thankful to be apart of TLC!

Here is a clip of TLC's very own, 'Golden Voices'!! They definitely rocked the house!! Loved it! So proud of my Mom, and Aunt RuthAnn and Uncle Paul who are singing in this choir! :)

Here is a little clip of TLC's orchestra...

And...."The Beloved"....they did awesome!!! Ok, maybe I'm a little partial since my cousin Jared sang and played. lol But seriously, they did a wonderful job! Good job boys!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jenn's Bridal Shower

We had a bridal shower for a dear friend today. Jennifer and Zach are getting married in about 3 weeks! They are like THE perfect couple and you can tell God definitely has his hand in this soon to be marriage! LOVE them!! It was so much fun to be with them today and also to be with my sister (her Mom), Ginny!!! She came in from Africa this week to be here for all the wedding events! LOVE YALL!!!!
The narthex of TLC! Kudos to Riss and Reegan for the party decor! Yall did a great job!

The table...

Complete with a yummy cheese ball....thanks Riss!

Reegan and I made these cupcakes! :)

Loving this little lantern

Sis Dennis, Sis Carmen, and Sis Gohdes

Riss and Crystal

Sis Devonna, Andrea, and Sis Pam

A family friend of Jenn's and Brandy

Bonnie and Jamie

Time for food!

The happy couple!!!!

Game time!

Bria won!

Time to open presents!

Aww!!! Friends!!! Me, Reegan, Riss, Jenn, and Andrea :)

haha gotta love Jenn's expression on this one! :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trunk or Treat 2010

TLC's Trunk or Treat was awesome this year! There were a TON of visitors and so many people dressed up!
Here is our little 'gang'...Noelle, Me, Crystal, Michelle, Woody & Buzz aka...Caedyn and Braden (they are inseparable). If Justin and Chad were in the picture it would have been complete for our little "gang"...but Justin took the picture and Chad...well...I think he went to find some food. lol this not the cutest thing?!

2 Woody's and a Buzz! Braden, Caedyn, and Aiden! 3 very handsome little men! :)
Nathan...bahahaha....loving the pink bucket! You can't really see his shoes, but they were HUGE platform shoes....his words, "I don't know how you ladies wear heels all the time, these things are killing me!" LOL!!!

Cameron sporting St Louis Cards and Sissy!

Best Friends...

What a cute lil family!

What an adorable Woody! :)

lol Landon and Caleb

Lovin' the M&M gals!

This picture totally cracks me up! The tallest and the shortest! bahaha!!!

Such an adorable little girl!

Such a beautiful Snow White! :)
LOL! Andrew's outfit is awesome!
Okay seriously...Nicole's outfit totally cracks me up. The Progressive Insurance lady that does all the commercials? LOL Yeah...that was awesome Nicole!
LOL...Ana is just looking adorable as always! And Riss...we didn't even know who she was! All of a sudden we had this football player next to us..and didn't know who she was until she laughed. LOL Awesomeness!

Loved this! Cat in the Hat!

What an adorable little skunk! :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Passing the Mantle Conference 2010

Passing the Mantle Conference was beyond amazing! It seriously gets better every year! God did some awesome things in that conference and so thankful for the sweet presence of God that flowed in that place every night. There are simply no words to describe how amazing it was. I was also reminded how very blessed we are to have such an amazing Pastor! Sometimes we take it for granted that we have such a loving, kind hearted, compassionate, and gentle Pastor who LOVES the word of God and who LOVES the people of TLC! The Life Church is so BLESSED!!! Thank You Pastor and Sis Gleason for everything you do for TLC! We are so thankful for you!

On a side note...I had a wonderful time with friends!!! Stephanie and Jo came down with a group from Minnesota! Had a blast with them!! So glad yall got to come down to PTM!!
They had never had Kansas City BBQ before! AHHH!!! Everyone HAS to have a little KC BBQ in their we just HAD to let them get a "fix" at Jack Stack BBQ! One of THE best BBQ restaurants in Kansas City! (And yes that is a little advertisement for them...haha!)

This is Steph and I outside of Jack Stacks, Downtown Kansas City (which btw...its the original and the best one!)

Jo and Myself

Rhyannon and Steph

Rhyannon and Jo

We of course had to get some self portraiture done while they were here as well. :) Love my beautiful friends!

I also got to spend some time with my sweet childhood friend, Melissa, that came up from Oklahoma! When we lived in Oklahoma we were best friends! Our Mom's were best friends (they're still friends to this day) so of course we were together a lot. But...we moved to Missouri when I was 3 so neither one of us really remember it as a child. We recently got reconnected (thanks to Facebook) about a year ago. I am so glad that she and her family was able to come up! It was great getting to know each other as adults now! Love you Melissa! Can't wait to hang out again!
This is Melissa, her husband Mark, Cadence and Gracie! What an adorable family!

This is the girls with my Mom...

Melissa and I!