Friday, February 29, 2008

Good Report!!

My heart is just overwhelmed and am so thankful for what God has done!!! It seems like since Christmas everything has gone wrong, lost people I loved dearly, everything that could go down, went name it, it happened. As some of you know, since my Dad got his pacemaker put in around Christmas time, his heart has still be fluttering and it wasn't beating correctly or on beat. So, the Dr's said that he was going to have to get a shock treatment done on his heart. Well, they scheduled it for today. Last Friday night my Dad had gone to a Men's service at church and there were a few men that prayed for my Dad. They stepped out on faith and told my Dad that they were going to believe that he wouldn't have to get this done because God was going to heal him! Well, my Dad went to the Dr this morning before the treatment was scheduled to get some tests run. And he did NOT have to get the shock treatment done!!!! The Dr said that Dad is NORMAL!!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!! We are VERY excited and THANKFUL to what God has done!!! He is simply amazing!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jonathon's Home!!!

As I have blogged in the past, Jonathon has been in Africa for the past 5 months. He finally made his journey home this week!!! I am soo excited that he is finally here! It was SOOO good to see him again. Now, if we can just get Ken, Gin, and Jen here we'll be doing good!! haha I miss them so much but glad to have a part of them home. :) He will be moving to Omaha, Nebraska for a little while but he is ohhh soooo much closer now! :) Love ya Jon...glad my bro is back!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mom's Birthday!!

My sweet, wonderful, beautiful Mom turned 68 today! My Mom, Dad, and I went out to eat after church today...Here are a couple of pics that we took!! Happy Birthday, Momma!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

God is SOOO Good!!!

As some of you know this past weekend I went to Minnesota with a couple of friends for a Retreat. We had an amazing time...however on the way home the roads got REALLY bad. There were patches of ice everywhere and there were literally HUNDREDS of cars in the ditches, everywhere!! We kept praying for God to keep us safe... Well, unfortunately we ended up doing FOUR 360's on the highway and ended up in the ditch ourselves. We were screaming, "JESUS!!!" And when we stopped, we were 200 feet from a bridge and 2 semi trucks!!! Another car went off the same time we did. It was so scary, but God definitely had his hand upon us! We were so thankful that my car didn't flip, we didn't run into anything, there was NO damage, and we walked out of the car without being hurt. God saved us and had his protecting hand upon us. A nice Iowan gentleman stopped to help us...he tried to help us get the car out of the ditch, but there was over a foot of snow on the ground and the car wouldn't go anywhere. About that time a Highway Patrol Officer stopped to make sure we were okay, and he too tried to help us get the car out, but there was no luck. The gentleman and the Patrol Officer took us to the next town (about 15 miles) to the nearest hotel. They had a Best Western, a Boondock Motel, and a gas station and that was it. Thank God the Best Western had a room open. The Highway Patrol had a towing band and that caused us not to be able to get the car out of the ditch...So we had to stay in the hotel for 2 days. So, all in all, God is good and we are now home. Thank You Jesus!!!! I can't wait to sleep in my own bed! lol
**This picture is of our tracks that we made when we went into the ditch. With all the chaos I forgot to get a picture of the car.

Sub-Zero Singles Retreat '08

This past weekend...Sarah, Venita, and I drove to Minnesota for the singles retreat. It was so amazing. It was at a campground and they had over a foot of snow!!! The retreat was relaxing and very laid back and we met a ton of new people and made lots of new friends! :) On the way there, we had a beautiful drive!!! The sunset was just gorgeous!! We stopped at a gas station that was a "Pump and Munch" needless to say we had a good time with that one. haha Also, we got to stop at the "Ice Cream Capital of the World". It was awesome!!! And the ice cream was yummy! The services at the retreat were great and God really moved. We had a bonfire and while we were outside, it was snowing! It was so cool! We also had snowball fights which was really funny. And they had a volleyball tournament too. We didn't want to leave the retreat because we had so much fun! On the way home, we stopped in Minneapolis to shop for a couple of hours at the outlet mall. After we left....the weather got really bad...and can read that on the next blog...Enjoy the pics....:)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mammaw's Funeral

My Mammaw passed away on Sunday, February 3rd, and the funeral was Thursday, February 7th. She was such a wonderful lady and I miss her so much. She was famous for her good ole Southern Homemade Chocolate Gravy and Biscuits. YUM! I don't like chocolate but I loved Mammaws Chocolate Gravy and Biscuits. She loved her redbirds that came to sit on her kitchen windowsill everyday. She LOVED bright colors!!! Her favorite color was red and she loved my Dads bright orange in memory of our precious Mammaw we all wore bright colors to the funeral. I felt so honored to be able to sing a duet with my sister at the funeral. It was hard but Mammaw wanted her granddaughters to sing. It tore me up to no end to see my Dad and my Granddaddy cry. It was a very tough week. But on the bright side, we got to see some cousins of ours that we haven't seen for about 13 years. Even under the circumstances, we enjoyed being with our family. At the funeral, she had so many flowers and plants than any funeral I've ever been to. They were doubled on both sides of the casket and on both sides of the wall. Thank You Mammaw for being such a wonderful and Godly lady. I will never forget your love for God, as you read your Bible faithfully every day. There are so many memories that I will never forget. She was selfless and always put others first before herself. She left the legacy of love....I love you Mammaw and miss you soooo much.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Update on Mammaw

Well, as you know from the previous blog, that we drove all night last Saturday night to Louisiana. We arrived last Sunday morning at 7:00am. When we arrived, Mammaw was already in a coma.....she passed away at 2:30 that afternoon. 5 minutes before she passed away, Granddaddy went over there and hugged and kissed her and it was only minutes and she passed away from this life. We were all in the room when she passed, 18 of us. It has been a long hard week. I never would have imagined loosing and having to bury both of my grandmas in 2 weeks.