Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 2: Half Moon Cay, Bahamas

We arrived at Half Moon Cay, Bahamas early Monday morning. There are no words to describe how wonderful this island is. Carnival actually owns this part of the island, but it was beyond amazing. All I wanted to do on this entire trip was to relax, get away from "life" for a few days, soak up some sun rays, and have a great time. That is just what we did in the Bahamas. It was perfect. The weather couldn't have been any better, the crystal clear blue water was amazing, and the sand was perfect.
Here are a couple pictures of the beautiful sunrise!

A view of our ship, Carnival Glory, from our tender boat going to the island of Half Moon Cay. :)

Venita on the tender boat

Kristi and Michelle on the tender boat

Me on the tendar boat...we are all way to excited to get some sun. lol

Welcome to Half Moon Cay!! :)

Venita and I

This is the "gate" that we had to walk through when we first got off the tender boat.

Simply beautiful. I LOVE palm trees!

This is the courtyard where we first walked in

LOVE this!!

Ohhhhh Can I get a witness, someone?!?!?!

Me, Julie, Michelle, Sarah, and Rachel

Rachel and Julie


Just Me

Just me, hanging out on the beach, soaking up those rays! :)

The flowers were so beautiful and vibrant!

Finally got in the water! :)

Julie and I decided to go exploring and see what we could find. And yes, we found several photo ops! So much fun! :)

My girl, Julie!

Julie and Rachel pretty much wanting to stay in the Bahamas lol

And Sarah, Venita and I are right behind them! We did NOT want to leave this wonderful island!

As we were standing under the "I wish I could stay here forever" sign, we were listening to the Bahamian live band! Loved it!!

I love this view of the ship!!

Back on the ship...this was dinner that night...appetizer was a chicken and bean quesadila

And the main course was pork...soo yummy!

Or...I think this was of the other choices.

Joy was dancing along with our waiters at dinner that night! LOL

The waiters dancing for us!

Choice dessert was Cheesecake! So yummy and light!

Or lime sherbet!

Venita and I! We definitely got what we wanted...."sun-kissed"! :)

Sarah, Venita, our waiter Kadech, and Me!

Comedy time!! Gayla, Joy, Me, and Michelle

Hanging out on Deck 5! Rachel, Sarah, Michelle, Me, and Kristi!

The evening show: MoTown with Marcus Anthony!!! Oh my word! Loved this show!! He could sing to me all day! LOL

Marcus Anthony going through the crowd.

Bahahaha!!! At one point Marcus Anthony during the show said to get up and dance with the one you Gayla got up and danced in faith! LOL

Sarah, Marcus Anthony, Me, Venita, and Joy!!

Joy during kareoke time!

Later that night, we went up deck and hung out for awhile. It was soooo windy that night! You could lean against the wind and it would hold you up! Hmmm this was the night that I officially got the nickname, "Hairspray". LOL

We came back to our room to this cute little towel animal! :)