Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bradyn has Arrived!!!

One of my best friends Jennifer (and her husband Brady) had their first baby early this morning!!! Please welcome Bradyn Lee Henson!!! 7 pounds 13 oz, 20 inches long!!! This is the only picture that I have so far...and it was taken within the first 5 minutes that he was born!!! I can not wait to meet this little guy and let him know who his Auntie Krista is!!! :) I can't wait to go to Tennessee!!! :)

After the Storm

Tonight we had a big thunderstorm!! We got marble size hail!!! (Job security for me! lol) Right now it is crazy still out there!...we are actually under a tornado watch till 11pm! I just happened to notice that it was literally orange outside!! Here are a couple of pictures outside our front door!

Out at the "K"

Last Friday a group of us went to the "K" (Kaufmann Stadium) for the KC Royals vs. Detroit Tigers game!!! We had a blast even tho it was a million degrees outside! It was beautiful all week then it decided to get HOT on the night of the game! lol The Royals lost by 1 point...go figure. LOL The last point was an unfair game tho. Oh well, we still had a blast, and laughed all night! Here's a few pictures of the night! :)

Here is a video of part of the fireworks after the game!!! They were awesome!!! The fountains are amazing too!!

Fireworks 082208

Amanda came to visit...

Amanda came to visit Sarah and I a couple of weeks ago! We had a great time hanging out with her!! I'll try to post some pics soon...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


So, a couple of months ago I entered a photo contest for a local radio station's weather calendar. Below is the email that I received today. :( Guess I'll have to try again next year...


The final selections have been made, and I'm sorry you did not make the final cut. We appreciate your submittals and please try again next year. I think you will find the calendar provides a nice representation of the Kansas City area. We had well over 1000 photographs submitted and it was very challenging to find the right mix for the calendar.

Thanks for your interest, and please do try again.


KC Weather Calendar

Oh...and btw... while I'm talking about photo contests... If you have read previous blogs, you know that I entered a bigger photo contest several months ago. I think it was a scam. :( But, we'll see if anything happens by the end of the year. Maybe one of these days I'll get in one. :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A small little blessing...

Ok, so its the small things in life that makes you thankful. My check engine light came on in my car on Sunday and I was freaking out because I was afraid it was going to be some crazy expensive thing wrong and I don't have alot of money right now (who does? lol). So, I just prayed a simple prayer, "God, you know I don't have alot of money right now, I'm trying to get my bills paid off, so please just either fix the problem, or help whatever it is not to be expensive." So when I got my car checked out today (I was sick so my friend Jonathon took it up there for me). They checked it out, and come to find out, I had a bad grade of gasoline. THATS ALL IT WAS!!! It sounds so silly, but I was so thankful, because God answered my prayer! :) He's amazing!! and I have to give Him credit for it!!

Ethnic Enrichment Festival 2008

Every year we go to this festival and we always have a blast!! This year was bigger than ever! There were over 60 countries represented with different booths for each country, artifacts you could buy, food, music, ethnic dances, etc.

Gin and Ken are HOME!!

They FINALLY made it home from Africa!!!!! It was SOOO good to see them again!!!! Although they will be on the road alot now that they are home, at least they are here!! :) They had some wonderful experiences in Africa, and their pictures are wonderful! These are a couple of pictures of us eating breakfast together when they stayed at our house!! :) Love you Gin and Ken!! :)

Everyone gathered around the table eating breakfast!

My Dad...since I couldn't get him in the picture! :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Night Out on Tara's Birthday!!

A couple weekends ago, a group of us went and hung out together. We went and had dinner at Jack Stack, then went to The Melting Pot for dessert. LOL It was SO much fun tho!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

C2 Life Group

Some great things are happening in our C2 (College and Career) group!!! God is doing a work and it is so amazing every week, when we are at Life Group. We are always looking forward to what will take place! Here is a copy of what Bro. Sanders wrote for our C2 Blog. God is awesome!! The presence of God was so thick, you could literally feel him wrap His arms around you!

What a wonderful presence of the Lord visited our group on Wednesday, July 30. The intensity of His presence was tangible. We were missing several people yet still had 26 in attendance. While we gathered in our basement, I could sense that this woud be a special evening. Bro. Larmie, who normally leads us in worship, was unable to attend so I was prepared to have someone else lead when I realized that what we were about to talk about would need no worship song.
We began to talk about hearing the voice of God and then acting upon what we heard. We dealt with the several times that Jesus said, "He that hath an ear, let him hear." It is all too often that while we have ears, we tend not to use them.
In our conversation we came to a verse in Zephaniah 3 that declared that the Almighty would save, rejoice over us and then will joy over thee with singing. At the close of our discussion, the anointing of the Holy Ghost was very near, and we began to pray. As we prayed I felt that God was beginning to speak, and yet some were not hearing. As we calmed our prayers I challenged the group with what I thought God was wanting to take place - He was wanting to sing. He was wanting to take care of the song that night. We began to pray for one another and while that was blessed and anointed, it didn't seem to break into a dimension where God desired us to walk.
Then all of us in unison raised our hands and lifted our voices to heaven and there was a breaking of the Spirit that began to sweep over us. Tears had already been flowing, but added to those tears was a strength of God that could physically be felt. All of a sudden Andrea Blaszyk began to speak in tongues in the most authoritative, powerful voice I had ever heard her pray in (and I have heard her a lot through the years!). It was one of those moments that you thought would be followed by an interpretaion, but after about four minutes of Andrea speaking like this, the Holy Ghost prompted me to tell the group, that this is not for interpretation, it was God singing!! He was singing and rejoicing over us just as Zephaniah promised!! Andrea went for another five minutes before she calmed down. When we realized that the God of glory was rejoicing and singing over us, we all broke forth in tears and wonder and amazement came across the room because we truly had an encounter with the Almighty. Thank God He likes to sing!
- T. Sanders

Mo Mass 2008

MOMass was awesome this year!! I wasn't able to go on tour this year due to my work schedule but I met up with them in Joplin and hung out with them while they were in Kansas City! It rocked and was alot of fun! Here is a pic of the chorale!