Sunday, May 22, 2011

Island of Utila, Honduras

At this point we are still in La Ceiba and we were had arrived at the dock to await our ferry. Only to find out we had to wait an hour and a half longer because they were running late.
Waiting on the dock with no choice but to be patient. :) Even if it was 357 degrees outside. :)
Venita trying to get some work done.
Ah! Venita was in shock! I was actually drinking something other than WATER so she had to document! :)
Our ferry, Princess Utila, finally arrived!
They most definitely believe in "straight" lines here. Ok, ok, that comment is most definitely sarcastic. :)
Venita and Cesar...D'Andre's TWIN! Seriously! Everything about him was EXACTLY like D'Andre!
After an hour long ferry ride that nearly made us sick, we finally arrived on the island of Utila! This was our first view after we got off the dock.
Just hanging out...
Taking in some shade while looking out over the dock.
These leaves were huge!!

Our "safe" dock. :)

All our Americana luggage. ha!
Walking the streets of Utila to see what we could find...

Looks like Venita went shopping already! lol

We stopped by a street vendor and picked up a balleada! Yum!! Basically a tortilla with beans and cheese. So yummy!
Made it back to the shade tree! Looks like Barry made it back to come pick us up! He is the owner of our private island we we go!
Sad...but true. :)

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