Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Back to La Ceiba- Honduras

This morning we missed the first ferry from Utila to La Ceiba because V forgot her phone in the hotel. Oops! But thats okay, we went back and enjoyed the a/c and watched more of the Royal Wedding! :) But here is Sarah and Venita again with all our luggage waiting on the ferry to come that afternoon! (Notice our amazing hats are still in this picture)
But then I became one very sad person when our hats blew off into the ocean. :(
Love this picture of this adorable little school girl!
Outdoor church
Off to eat dinner at the Mango Tango (pronounced in Islander English....MONgo TONgo!)
Our cloth menu
Pineapple Granitas!!! OH my goodness.....soooo yummy!!! It's like a pineapple slush.
The restaurant where we had geicos and a stray cat running around.....

Venita and I again at dinner
Appetizer....refried beans!
beans, cheese, plantain
mmmm Tipico!
V's seafood

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