Monday, May 9, 2011

Honduras Adventures: Friday

So we got up super early this morning! 2:00 am in fact. I mean only get to watch The Royal Wedding once! So we took part in history today! We all 3 piled up on one bed and watched! LOVED IT! Loved all the hats and the attire!

We missed the ferry this morning because V forgot her phone in the hotel room. So we went back to the hotel and stayed there for most of the day. Watching recaps of the Royal Wedding and catching up on the news, and took a much needed nap. Ate lunch at the hotel and it rained like crazy. Glad we weren't out walking around...although if we would have gotten wet, it would have cooled us down...and not taken very much to dry. ha!

We caught the ferry back to La Ceiba at we were waiting the breeze knocked our amazing hats into the ocean. :( It was a sad day.

After another flip flop ride on the ferry we finally arrived in La Ceiba and the taxi dude tried to cram 4 people in his little ole taxi. bahaha.....We got to the hotel and then went and got our first class bus tickets for tomorrow morning! Took a power nap then went and ate dinner at the Mango Tango (pronounced Mongo Tongo) along with a stray cat and a few geicos running around. But....the food was ah-mazing! And the pineapple granita (pineapply slushy) was out. of. this. world! Bro. Norris if you are reading this....thank you for telling us about this place!! It was amazing!!

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