Monday, August 27, 2007

I fainted!!!

So, Saturday evening my sister, Darla, and I were having a couple of friends over for dinner and we decided to grill out. YUM! Well, we had gone up and down our back porch steps several times messing with the grill and taking stuff in and out. Well, Darla was messing with the grill trying to get the flames up and going and I was standing there talking to her (on the top step) and out of nowhere the steps just collapsed!!! Yes, while I was ON them! So I'm screaming as I'm falling flat out. I tried to get up and couldn't. Darla was also trying to help me get up but I couldn't hardly move. Then she saw my foot and it had immediately bruised and it was black and blue. It was HUGE!!! It looked like someone placed a boiled egg on my foot!! So we finally managed to get myself up off the ground and hopped back up to the house level. I was just sitting there but I felt queezy. So, Darla went and got me a glass of water and turned the fan on. When she got back and gave me the water, I fainted on her!!! So down I go again!! Good thing it was from the sitting position that time! So Darla finally woke me up and when I 'came back too' I couldn't figure out why Darla was yelling my name and why I was in her lap and everything. lol So she laid me out on the floor and then I was okay. Whew! So, now I'm just hopping along everywhere because it's hard to walk. Especially with a big ole bandage on it. Anyway, thank God it wasn't any worse than it is. I'm probably going to go to the Dr tomorrow just to make sure I didn't fracture anything. If you see the can tell where the whole top and part of the side of my foot is one big bruise! Ouch!! It looks tons better than what it did!

**UPDATE** September 7, 2007- My foot is doing alot better. The pain has reduced and the swelling has gone down even more! I thought I was going to have crutches, but thankfully not! Thank God its getting better! Can't wait till its all the way better!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ashlyn's 12th Birthday Party

My niece, Ashlyn, just had her 12th birthday this past week..and she celebrated this weekend and had a slumber party! I wasn't able to be there but my sister sent me pictures. I called over there and you could tell the girls were just having the time of their lives! They were screaming and yelling they were so excited! Towards the end of last night, they decided to do hair and borrow each others clothes and shoes (even high heels lol) and have their own fashion show! They paraded into the livingroom so Robyn (my sister) could take pictures of them! haha My nephew, Todd, poor guy was outnumbered. lol He was supposed to go to a friends house but a big storm came through and knocked out the power of the house he was supposed to be staying at. So him and my brother in law had a pillow fight last night. haha So anyways, it looks like they all had a blast! lol Enjoy the pics! :) Oh, by the way, Ashlyn is the one in the jean jacket, for those of you that don't know. :) )
Happy Birthday Ash!! I love you!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Lori's Getting Married!!!

So one of my best friends is gettin’ hitched!! I am SOOO happy for her!!! Jessy is such an awesome guy and they make a great couple! God is so awesome!! I am so honored to be apart of their day!! They are getting married January 19, 2008, in New Orleans!!! I can’t wait!!! I love you guys so much!! I haven’t known Jessy but for a few months…but Lori is one of the dearest friends anyone could ever have! God placed her in my life just when I needed someone the most. I was going through a hard time in life but God knew exactly who I needed in my life at that moment. I am so thankful for her friendship! I love ya girl!! I am so happy for you!!!
(I know this is long overdue. lol.....They got engaged on July 21st!!)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Kansas City's Ethnic Enrichment Festival

So tonight we went to the Ethnic festival. It was alot of fun. As usual...I take pictures of hope you enjoy them! lol I love going to this and seeing all the different cultures and everything. You can't really tell in the pictures but as you walk in they have an 'aisle' of flags. It's really cool. I got my most favorite drink ever...from the Brazilian booth. Guarana'...its a Brazilian coke made from Brazilian berries. YUM!! Yep, got 1 for then and 1 for later! haha Sorry some of the pictures are blurry...the lighting out there plus the fact it was dark made it kinda hard! :)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

A Moment at the Grocery Store

So I had a moment at the grocery store last night! lol It was about 11:00 last night and I was on my way home from cell group and I had to stop at Price Chopper to get some cool whip (I was making something for our luncheon at work today). So, it had just started raining. It wasn't just normal rain either it was POURING....coming down in sheets. So I had taken my glasses off because I hate it when rain gets on my glasses. Snapped my purse and decided to take a run for it. Mind you I had on brown flip flops. So as I was running to my car I went FLYING out of my shoes!! And I screamed, "AHH I LOST MY SHOOEEEE!!!" And I'm all trying to look around for it...Then there were a couple people in the lobby and they were like, "IT FLEW OVER THERE!!" and I couldn't find I screamed out, "WHERE?!" as I looked back they were like "OVER THERE!!!!! TO YOUR RIGHT!!!" lol So I'm walking around the front of the parking lot trying to find my flip flop that the gust of wind took clear over to the other side of the walking area. lol So walking around with one flip flop on and one off....getting DRENCHED!!! lol I finally found it by what seemed like forever!!! lol That was my moment. LOL