Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Duck and Cover"

Yesterday we had quite the crazy storm in Kansas City! The tornado sirens went off for well over an hour. There were 4 tornadoes that were in Kansas City an they were circling all over the city. I've never been in a tornado warning THAT bad before and I've lived here 'most' of my life. It was the craziest thing. I was at work when it happened and we all grabbed our bags and headed for the basement. Scary! But, I was praying and had my faith level on high and was certain that God was going to protect us! And He did just that! The tornadoes passed and we were all fine! Thank God!!

This picture was taken by a guy that works in downtown Kansas City and it has gone all over the internet. Just wanted to share what kind of storms we had...and this pretty much says it all. This guy fully captured it! They titled this picture,
"Duck and Cover"

Our hearts go out to Joplin (a couple hours from here), Sedalia, Alabama, and any other area that has been devastated by the tornadoes. Our prayers are with you. May GOD give you peace and comfort during this difficult time!

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Jennifer said...

That picture is amazing and scary. WOW! I'm glad you survived. I was praying for you!