Thursday, March 31, 2011

Trendy Bliss: Teal Rosette Flower

This teal rosette flower is now listed in our Etsy shoppe! It has an added touch of black feathers and netting with a little bling bling too! :)

Price: $12.00

Close up

Full view. A big Thank You goes out to Ragen for being my model! You're the best!

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Road Trip to Indy, Visit with my Bestie!

One of the best parts of this weekend in Indy was that I got to see my bestie, Jennifer, her lil man Bradyn, and her Mom-Judy! I LOVED getting to see her...and the best part was that we were in the same hotel!! But better yet?! ACROSS THE HALL from each other! That seriously rocked! However, there was just simply NOT enough time!! But, I am thankful for the time that we DID have! I love this picture of us! She is truly a wonderful person with a big southern heart who is REAL and TRUE! I love it when friends feel like family! I honestly don't know what I would do without her in my life. God placed her there for a reason and that was to be a lifetime friend and sister. I LOVED getting to see lil Bubs! I ADORE him and I LOVE being his "Auntie K"!! We had quite the chat about Mr. Porkchop! When we had to leave and go our own ways....

He cried.

My heart was broken.

I can't wait to go to Tennessee again! Jen, do you notice I'm wearing ORANGE! hehehe (I love this picture too!)

We always try to get pictures with lil man...sometimes it works....sometimes it don't! :) I heart this picture! I miss them so much already!

You can see Jen's side of the story here.

Road Trip to Indy, Part 2

Saturday morning everyone came in our room and hung out for a little bit... This is Ike...

and Sarah and Jackie... We finally made it to the hotel lobby...... Shannon showing Tracy directions....something must've been funny. ha! Julie and Ike.. And finally to get some food at a yummy Mexican place! haha Sarah..... Somehow I got drug into doing this too..... Our friend Sara fractured her ankle the day before coming to Indy (boo!) so poor thing had to get a wheel chair just so she could go around with us! But hey, it worked and she had a good driver too! ha! Walking the streets of downtown Indy! Friends! Kelly, Julie, Jackie, Ike, Tracy, Shannon, Sara, and Sarah

Walking towards the Canal District! But had to stop for a photo op first!

Sarah found her a bright yellow truck that matched her outfit that day! lol LOVE this area!! Such a neat place! Can't wait to go back and walk it again! This was the coolest thing!! Sooo pretty!! hahaha Sorry Ike...I had to post this... Ike, Sarah, and Jackie talking to... Julie, Tracy, and Shannon Sarah and I....there is a long story behind this. But we were waiting to meet up with my friend Jen and they said we were shaking a leg to catch a ride. LOL Look! It's Sarah's idea of a walrus! bahahaha Trust me, we had a GREAT time with that one!!! :) Ahhh!! Help! LOL Then we decided to have a paper boat race on the Canal! haha So Shannon and Ike made paper boats...well they were more like a barge, but its all good, it served its purpose well! ;) I think Ike is cheating.......

So he could say that his boat won! LOL

Pretty sure that hat just jumped right on Sarah's head. :)

I can't believe Sara trusted Ike and Shannon to pull her up the big hill with the canal not too far away. LOL She's a brave girl! :) Sorry Sara...this is a Tow Away can't park here! LOL LOL! Some how this really made me laugh... Monument Circle! Yes, sometimes I get made fun of for being short! Especially when you can walk through/under signs! LOL Tracy and Sarah lol Julie loves making serious faces! :) Fun times at the mall... My friend Shannon and I Apparently Ike really wanted to take this picture....LOL

There goes Julie making those serious faces again. LOL But apparently Ike is enjoying it?! LOL

Ahh there we go....cute picture!

At the end of this trip, on the way home, I was also able to visit with my sister and her family! Yay!! But unfortunately we didn't get any pics. Boo! Love you sissy! Glad I got to see you!

Stay tuned for Part 3!