Monday, May 9, 2011

Honduras Adventures: Thursday

Wow, last night was absolutely miserably H O T! Yeah, that nice breeze we had last night...didn't stick around. There are no words to describe how hot it was.

No air. No breeze. Can't sleep.

I was so mad during the night because I couldn't take it anymore. We got less than an hour of sleep. And you know what that means when your hot and tired. Cranky. LOL We all 3 got up miserable and had had enough. We loved the island, honestly (during the day ha!) but it was time to go. V and I finally lathered up the bug spray and went outside on the top deck for awhile hoping to catch some Zzzz's. Caught a few but not near enough. Let's just say...this girl is not a camper.

We started to cook breakfast this morning and the gas in our gas stove ran out. Sooo....Sarah had a cold hamburger...we threw in some yogurt, granola, granola bars, cold tortillas, mangos, and anything else we could find because we were so hungry. ha!

V thankfully was finally able to get ahold of the owner and Barry's dad came to pick us up. The ride to the island of Utila was heavenly. The breeze was amazing! All I could say was, "Breeze! I LOVE you!" :)

Our time on our little private adventurous camping island has now come to an end. I didn't know whether to be happy or sad. :) We arrived and got all of our Americana luggage unloaded...we asked a lady where this hotel was and she said "Oh, its far! You need taxi!" So we caught 2 (3 wheeled) taxi's to our hotel...Mango Inn (pronounced Mongo Inn in islander English). (It was only a 10 min walk away...ha!) We got to our room and just sat in the air conditioning for quite some time.


Venita was freezing.....Sarah and I are thinking she has seriously gone Honduran on us. haha! There is 1 double bed and 1 twin bed in our room and the shower door is so small you had to turn sideways to get in....and it still wasn't big enough. LOL

We rented a golf cart and drove around the island of Utila today! Sooo much fun!! We drove around everywhere!! Sarah drove with "stop" and "go" pedals! ha! The steering wheel was upside down. Venita was navigating (for some reason they don't trust me with the map bhahaha)....we saw a dirt road...we went on it. The roads have so many ruts in it....We almost tipped the cart over a couple times...and I seriously almost fell OUT twice as we drove around in the "jungle"! LOL

We kept passing this "trusty" truck. The poor thing has definitely seen better days. The door wouldn't shut, and was seriously hanging on by one hinge. But it still that's all that matters right?! :) We're so spoiled here in the States.

We stopped and got our feet wet in the ocean while we soaked up some more sun! Saw some beautiful children that I just wanted to stop and hug on for awhile. They were so sweet! Saw a guy walking down the street with a machete....and also cutting their grass with machetes too!

Sarah tried to turn the golf cart around in someone's yard and also stopped to swing on a tree swing...and when we left Sarah took out a tree branch and popped me in the head!! I kept finding all sorts of tree debree in my hair! LOL

After we turned the golf cart in, we walked and found a restaurant to eat at. Ate a twist of American food tonight...and for dessert we had grilled pineapple toasted in brown sugar, topped with cinnamon, coconut flakes, ice cream, caramel and whipped cream. Oh.My.Word! It was heavenly! But we got the ice cream separately because the waiter was new. ha! Oh was still divine!

Venita left to go get ice cream and while she was gone, Sarah and I were just sitting there people observing and this guy drove up to the market across the street, looked at me with a sheepish grin and went about his business. He came out of the market singing very loudly, looked up at me again, grinned real big and got on his bike super fast and drove away. LOL Sarah called him my Honduran boyfriend. I beg to differ. LOL

It's a normal day to ride to the market on your scooter and come home carrying a fan on your hip while you're driving home. :)

Back to the hotel it felt so good to soak up some a/c and a HOT shower AND we have electricity!! We feel like we're in Heaven! :)

The Royal Wedding is in the morning and yes we are getting up to watch it! :)

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