Thursday, May 5, 2011

Honduras Adventures: Tuesday

Good Morning!

It's a little stuffy this morning, but came right outside first thing after waking up and there is a little breeze blowing. Sitting here under the palm trees taking in all of God's beautiful creation.

After all His love is like the ocean!

It's so peaceful and laid back this morning. Venita cooked us breakfast. Fried eggs, cheese, and toast! Yum! By the way, they don't refrigerate eggs here!

We spent all day outside, enjoying the water and the sun! Needless to say I got a "little" sunburned. I so proudly pulled a lounge chair into the ocean and relaxed in the water. :) It was relaxing just laying there in the sun and letting the water come up on you. For some reason that made the girls laugh. hehe It really is kind of funny but you should try it, then you'll know what I'm talking about. :)

Venita went snorkeling today but got to close to the coral and rocks...and got all scraped up. :( It was the funniest thing watching her walk in her flippers. LOL If only the video camera would have been out. It was hilarious! She had to walk like a soldier just to get around.

Another highlight of the day: Venita and Sarah were kind of far out in the water. I-was in the chair, taking in some waves. V had just gotten out when all of a sudden we heard this noise in the water and I heard Sarah say, "WHAT is in this WATER?! SOMETHING is IN this water!?" When about that time we saw black fins clapping together...and I will say this....

...It. Was. NOT. A. Fish!!

I'm not sure what that thing was. But it wasn't a fish. Talk about scary. Of course Sarah hightailed it out of the water, as did I. Scary moment. Pretty sure it was either a baby shark or a baby whale or something.

Random things about our day:

  • We forgot to buy kleenex was our staple. ha!

  • It's so timeless here. No one has clocks here. But we can count on Sarah....she can "tell time" by the sun. ha!!!

  • We crossed a sand bar onto a very small island. It looked like the "party island". Tons of trash and bottles...with random things sticking onto a pole. Crazy.

  • We saw a canoe that came from the middle of nowhere ocean and we thought for a minute that he was headed our way. But apparently he just stopped to have lunch.

  • I catipulted a big log that washed up on shore. LOL

  • Some big weapon washed up on shore. Apparently they not only are used for safety but to crack coconuts open.

  • Had YUMMY watermelon for lunch!

  • V vs. Crustations 3. The crustations decided to attack again tonight.

  • The people on the private island near us walked over to another private island. In places the water is where you can walk.

  • Took an afternoon nap in the sun!

  • Dinner: chicken quesadilas, bean dip, sofrita and montequia, and homemade chips.

  • Dinner was "Off the fork!" ha! While we were eating dinner my fork decided to bend ALL the way in half. Dinner didn't take near as long tonight to cook as it did last night. Yippie!

  • Barry (the island owner) came to turn the generator on for us. We're so happy to finally have electricity! What does Venita have to say about Barry? "He's a fine looking gentleman, with beautiful eyes, with dark curly hair, and an awesome accent." haha V, maybe he has a brother? :) He really is a super nice guy and everything is "No Problem!" *said in the best island english voice*

  • Barry told us that the hermit crabs come up or in the house because they smell food. He said "they're no idiots. they come where the good stuff is." So he told us to place food outside somewhere and that way they won't come into the house. Advice taken. Anything to get those creepy crawly things out of the house. :) We placed food outside and not even 10-15 minutes later, it was COVERED in crabs. Ranging from sizes of a quarter to baseball size. Yuck. And they even knocked on our door. *not joking*.

  • At one point, I was up stairs and yelled that there was a dragon fly flying around. All of a sudden, V comes running up the stairs with her broom saying, "WHERE?" hahaha She thought I said crustations and she was running up there after them to get them out! hahaha What an awesome friend! :)

  • We had to shut the generator off tonight before we went to bed...and that is a whole 'nother story in and of itself. In fact, that might even deserve its own post. :)

  • Sarah and I sat up on top deck for awhile tonight and just talked and enjoyed the little breeze that we got.

All in all a good day....just wait until you hear the story about us going to the generator house. :)


Jennifer said...

Loved this post! ;o)

Michelle Williams said...

Are you sure that what you saw in the water wasn't Venita's flippers??!!? Ahahaha!!!

Sounds like you had quite the adventurous trip! Very fun!

Krista said...

hahahaha Michelle!! Who very well could have been!! LOL