Saturday, May 21, 2011

Church in Honduras - Video Clips

There are about 8 video clips! Don't forget to pause the sound on the bottom of the page before you 'play' the clips. :)

I love this clip!! There was a great atmosphere in the worship service and I happened to look down and saw this lady just pouring her heart out to God! She was so sincere! I couldn't help but grab a video of it! Love it!

Worship service!

More of worship service!

The local pastor...

The missionary welcoming guests!

The missionary praying

They love singing FAST songs!


la piojito said...

I love the way they worship our God girl!! Thank you so much for sharing this videos!! Make ur next vacations to Ensenada B.C!! Love yaaaa

la piojito said...

Girl, u took me back to my beautiful Ensenada B.C!! I love the spanish fast songs!! Honduras for Jesus!!

Make Ensenada Baja California your next vacations!!!

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful clips!!

Krista said...

It really was awesome!! The spanish fast songs rock!! Glad you enjoyed them!