Thursday, May 5, 2011

Honduras Adventures: A Trip to the Generator House

Ok. This story deserves a separate post in and of itself. Seriously. It makes me laugh so hard looking back on it. I only wish I would have video'd it. We could have won some money on Funniest Home Videos or something. :)

There is only ONE word that describes our trip to the Generator House.


If you know any of us 3 girls then I'm sure you will get a mental picture and it will make this even funnier!

Picture this: 3 gringas. In a foreign country. On a private island. It's pitch black outside. Wearing flip flops. 4700 degrees outside. Hermit Crabs EVERYWHERE. And these 3 city girls are trying to walk from the house to the generator house with ONE flashlight whose batteries were about to die at any given moment!

Need I say anymore?!? LOL

Ok, so now that you have that mental picture going...I'm sure some of you are already dying laughing! I'm laughing now as I write this.

So we apparently were enjoying having electricity way too much. But we had to turn the generator off before we went to bed because it would get too hot. The generator house is on the other side of the island. But who is going to be the one to go out with the crabs to turn it off? None of the 3 of us wanted to be "the one". So, Sarah had a suggestion.....

"If one person has to go...we're ALL going!"

So...needless to say. We ALL went. Venita opened the door and we all just stood there like frozen stick people. There seriously was crabs E V E R Y W H E R E!!! I am not exaggerating. When I say HUNDREDS....I mean HUNDREDS of them!! They varied in sizes from quarter size to baseball size.

These city girls were not having it.

We FINALLY got the courage enough to step foot outside the house. I'm just being REAL here yall. Venita started us out, she was holding the flashlight (that barely worked). Sarah and I were following Venita. All 3 of us were screaming at the top of our lungs. And if you were present...this is what you would have heard....

"Venita! WAIT!"


"I CAN'T SEE!!!"

"WHERE is the flashlight?!"

"You're going TOO fast!"

"Why does the generator house have to be so far away?!"

"And just think! We have to get back after this?!"

"Why did we turn the generator on anyways?!"

"Follow our footsteps!"

"Go this way!"

"Why are we doing this?!"

"I can't handle this anymore!"

We finally reached the generator house. Ok, so it really wasn't THAT far away, but it was on the edge of the island and when there are crabs everywhere...its a LONG way!

Venita turned off the flashlight to save on the batteries...and Sarah and Venita finally got the generator turned off. I was apparently there for moral support. When all of a sudden, everything goes BLACK and everything got QUIET! I'm not gonna lie...we just stood there and yelled, "OH JESUS!!" And wouldn't you know it....

Venita couldn't get the flashlight turned back on!

WHAT?! Are you kidding me?! How are we going to get back to the house?!

Thankfully she finally got the flashlight turned back on, but its barely working so we had to high-tail it back to the house! Again, we could barely see and still dodging crabs...we finally made it back!

Safe. Alive. And. Sound.

Whew! What an adventure!

This makes me laugh so hard now. I mean seriously...who has adventures like this? Especially in a foreign country? Leave it up to us. If there is adventure, one of two things will happen. Either IT will find US or WE will find IT! hahaha!!!

Love it!


Jennifer said...

I'm old and been potty trained for quite some time, but I can't guarantee that if I had been there that night I would have come back dry....just sayin'. Oh. DEAR. LORD....I wouldn't like that "in the dark, surrounded by hermit crabs situation" at ALL......You are MY HERO!

Krista said...

HAHAHA Jen!! Seriously! It was the craziest thing!! haha Miss you girl!