Saturday, February 26, 2011

Picture of the Day

We went bowling tonight with C-Squared! I was holding Sissy (Noelle) at one point and trying to make her laugh and she leaned over and gave me kisses on the lips! ha!! Love that little girl!

This and That

Has it seriously been almost two weeks since I last posted?! Two.Weeks? Wow...I'm slacking on my blogging duties! I'd like to tell you that I've been busy with all these amazing things....but.....thats not the case. :) Just a few random things to keep you up to date...

  • Last weekend we had some special revival services at church...and THAT was amazing! Bro. Michael Easter preached and we had some "chuch"! It felt like "old school revival" and it was absolutely awesome!!
  • Seems like my time has been filled with working and going to the gym! It's been a rough couple of weeks at the gym, but hopefully the rough part is over and moving forward!
  • Oh! Last weekend I did a photo shoot with my sweet friend Ragen for Trendy Bliss!! Pictures coming soon!
  • My sister Darla and her hubby is back here for a couple of weeks! She said she can feel the beebie move a little bit now! :) She's about 5 months it won't be too much longer!
  • We had another snow storm this week and got another 5 inches of snow. From the looks of it...winter isn't going anywhere...anytime soon. I love snow...but, I'm ready for Spring!

I'm rambling this must come to an end. :)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today, I decided was going to be a great day! I don't usually make it a point to celebrate Valentine's Day, because- you know- it seems like it makes me even that much more aware that I'm single yet another year. was different. I woke up feeling blessed. I decided I was going to celebrate this year! It's all about "love" in general right? So, to all my friends and family: know that I love and cherish you...every day! I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life and YOU are one of them!

I got the sweetest Valentine's this year from my nieces and nephew- Ashlyn, Todd, and Katelyn!
Ashlyn sent me a collage heart! :)

Todd sent me a pretty picture!

And Katy bugs sent me a pretty picture too!

They also sent me another cool paper flower and some homemade fortune cookies! :)

Sunday, at church, Caedyn-my 'adopted' nephew, RAN up to me and said, "Aunt Krista! Happy Valentine's Day!" and gave me a HUGE hug as he handed me the most sweetest "Buzz and Woody" Valentine card! It seriously melted my heart.

I even got some beautiful flowers from a friend today!

And with that...let me leave you with this new favorite quote...

"Life is Short. Forgive quickly. Kiss slowly. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably. Dance in the rain. And never regret anything that made you smile!"

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Trendy Bliss: Oh so Golden!

I'm so excited to launch the 'Oh so Golden' line!!

'Oh so Golden' large layered Rosette Flower made with silk fabric, designed with black feathers and bling! It's the perfect addition to any outfit!

Price- $10.00

*All orders are made once payment is completed*
*Please allow up to 5 business days before shipping*

And you can even match it with these shoe clips to make your outfit complete! :)

'Oh so Golden' Shoe Clips made with silk fabric. It's the perfect addition to any pair of shoes!

Price- $12.00

*Shoes not included*
*All orders are made once payment is completed*
*Please allow up to 5 business days before shipping*

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sissy's Home!

My Sissy and her hubby are home!

It's been a great week with my sister Darla and her hubby Jonathan home! There has been lots of rounds of Yahtzee going on these last few nights! Can you believe that they actually "accused" me of cheating last night?! LOL I beg to differ with them!! :)

I've been rubbin' on my sisters baby bump every night, so *it* will know who their Auntie Kris Kris is! hehe The "beebie" is the size of a cantaloupe right now! I totally love getting to talk to "beebie" every day! :) I can't wait for the July arrival! :)

It's 'that' Feeling: Update

Oopsie! Looks like I missed a week. So here it is for the last two weeks! :) Pretty sure that this is probably the most boring posts ever...but thanks for humoring me and reading them anyways. LOL

Last week was a little rough. We had some c r a z y intense weather that included a BLIZZARD so it was hard to get to the gym. I did try my best to get the workouts done at home. Weigh in was awesome though!! So far...I've lost 10 pounds and 2-3 inches! Yippie!

This week I have totally been off of my routine. We've had company in our home the first of the week...which means late nights and early mornings. That doesn't quite mix so much anymore. ha! Is that really what turning 30 does to you?! LOL So its been another rough week with getting the time to workout...but I'm determined to get back on schedule! Because its 'that' feeling that makes you feel sooo good!

I'm really loving the workouts at the gym! Who would've known?! Me, of all people, is loving lifting weights! Yeah, you heard me right....I am LOVING it! It makes your muscles feel so good!! I'm so thankful I have a friend to go with!!

Well, thats pretty much it for the last couple of weeks! *cheers* Here's to the next week of getting back on schedule! :)

Hope yall are having a wonderful week!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Project: Re-Decor

So as I've posted before I am in the middle of redecorating my room. You know, there is something about turning want some sort of CHANGE! So since I can't afford to move out on my own right now {from my parents home} - redecorating my room was the simpliest way to get some c h a n g e. It's been a slow process...but we're getting there!! :)

There is just something about the color RED...and especially red walls!! I LOVE it! And I'm a "sucker" for black and white! :) So, there you have it.



The latest creation! Black frames with a thin stripe of red around it! Behind each black and white pattern is corkboard! With a strip of black velvet and a little blingy-bling to make it dazzle!

[The full view of my desk]

Up close view of each of the fabrics!

I love "mixing and matching"!

[Up close view of the side of the desk]

As I complete more projects in the room, I'll be posting more pictures!

Hope yall are having a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Sweetest Mammaw....EVER!

July 26, 1924 - February 3, 2008.

Today marks the day that my sweet Mammaw passed away three years ago. I miss her SOOO much!! Feeling very sentimental today. I just found the dvd that we played at her funeral with all the family pictures in it...I will always treasure it forever.

I love this picture of my Mammaw and Granddaddy with 5 out of the 7 kids!

She loved her Grandbabies!!

Mammaw was THE sweetest and most precious Godly lady!! She LOVED her hot tea especially in the mornings while she read her Bible! She loved red birds and she was the best cook and always took our "orders" for breakfast...homemade biscuits and chocolate gravy. She always looked out for others and would hardly eat anything until she knew everyone else had enough.


There are lots of times when I can still hear her clearing her throat, sipping her hot tea, with her Bible in her lap, fresh handmade biscuits and chocolate gravy on the table and simply ask, "Krista, there is some orange juice made up, if you want some." And I would so thankfully respond, "Thank You Mammaw".

Did I mention? I.Miss.Her.

I will never forget when everytime we would go to Louisiana...everytime we would have to leave to go home, Mammaw and Granddaddy would always stand at the door and wave bye to us until they couldn't see us anymore.


I won't share any funeral pictures on here...but I just have to share this one from the visitation. My heart was b.r.o.k.e.n. (I had just lost my other sweet grandmother 2 weeks before this) and I had just sat down by my Granddaddy and while I was bawling my eyes out...He reached over and grabbed my hand. He's so sweet! So thankful he is still with us!!

I miss her. But I'm so glad she is not in pain anymore. She's in Heaven. Dancing on the streets of gold. Right along with my other sweet grandparents and my brother Bryan. One day...we will see her (them) again!

(We all wore BRIGHT colors, because she loved bright colors!)

And with that being said....I want to share some of the memories that (most) the grandkids put on the back of the dvd cover that we played at her funeral.

...I loved it when Mammaw fixed me homemade okra and tomatoes. Don't forget the jalepenos! -Robyn

...Everytime I stopped by the house, she always put a plate in front of me. Of course, ALL the hot jalepenos landed on Mammaw's plate! -Steve

...One time, my sisters and I gathered around Mammaw and started kissing both sides of her cheeks. She was laughing so hard and shaking her head cause it tickled! - Me

...Even when Mammaw got to where she couldn't hardly go to church, she would always make it a point to come and hear me speak. She always requested that I sing her a special song in Spanish. -Darla

...Going to see the Logansport candy canes by the winter, with Mammaw was always a great time! - Ashli

...One time we hunted Easter eggs with Mammaw and we had to hunt them inside because of the rain. Nine months later we found a rotten egg in the closet! -Alysia

...Eatin' chocolate gravy n biscuits with Mammaw in the mornings, and following her footsteps in the garden were some of my favorite memories! - Pam

...She would always tell us "Wait! I can't do it right now, I've gotta finish my Bible readin'" Thank You for the legacy you have left us! -Shannon

...When Michael and I were young, we fussed over who was going to sit on Mammaw's lap. She would always say, "Thats ok boys, theres room enough for both of you!" -Tim

...One morning, I went out to see the chickens, but alas I couldn't find any of them! I came running back to the house, asking Mammaw where they were...and she said, "We ate them all!" -Eric

...When I was little and spent the night at Mammaw and Granddaddy's, in the morning she would always make me hot tea and chocolate gravy and biscuits. Then we would listen to Paul Harvey...she was so cute. Giggling as she listened! -Sherri

I'm so thankful for the memories that we have and the legacy that was left from her.

I love you Mammaw!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Trendy Bliss: Black Ruffle Shoe Clips

Trendy Bliss is now selling shoe accessories! Check out this pair of Black Ruffled Shoe Clips in our online shoppe here! It's a great addition to any pair of shoes!

Price- $12.00
*Shoes not included*
*All orders are made once payment is completed*
*Please allow up to 5 business days before shipping*

Stay Tuned! There are more colors coming soon!

Blizzard Footage

I took a video for yall to see the footage of the Blizzard from yesterday! was taken vertical and not sure how to change that....sorry! But here is a view from around the house!

This next video totally cracks me up! (Sorry its side ways too.) Dad does NOT enjoy the snow...He is from Louisiana and totally wishes he lived there right now. lol

Have a good rest of the day everyone!

It's a Blizzard!!

I got up yesterday morning anticipating the crazy storm that was headed our way...and this is what gives us! A BLIZZARD! We've had some crazy bad snow storms but its been a LONG time since we've had a Blizzard! (Or a "lizzard" as my Bubby Bradyn calls it. hehe)

The drive to work wasn't so bad...but it was getting so bad that our office closed at 1:00...that NEVER happens! So this is what I had to drive home in! Everything was GRAY! Took me almost an hour and a half to get home where it usuall only takes about 30 minutes. The roads weren't cleaned at ALL and thought I was going to get stuck several times! I fish-tailed ALL the way home. Seriously don't think I've ever been THAT scared while driving in the snow. Scary! The windgusts were around 40mph I was totally crazy! But *thankful* got home safe with NO problems! :)

This morning, we got a SNOW DAY!! Yippie!!! That NEVER happens unless we make our own. LOL The sky is so pretty and blue and the SUN is shining bright!! I LOVE snow...but was getting my "fill" of it...but I have to is SO beautiful outside!!! Just *thankful* I get to stay in today and enjoy it from the inside all snuggled up! :)

Here are a few pics from our house...

From our front door. You can see all the snow drifts! We got somewhere close to 15 inches, plus the 4-5 inches that was left from the previous snow storm a week ago!

The view in between our cars!

The view from the back porch. Oops looks like we forgot to cover the grill. lol
Back porch.....there is a pretty big (empty) flower pot that is totally covered! lol

The view from the back yard...we have an awesome hill for sledding....anyone in?? :)

Mom's car...

Dad and I decided to brave it outside for a bit before our neighbor lets us use his snow blower! *thankful*

This my the ROUGH and COLD look! LOL Notice that you can't even see the boots I was wearing!

I love this pic of my Dad!! He's definitely looking spiff in his bright orange hat! LOL

Dad again saying, "I HATE snow!" LOL

I'm trying to upload a couple of videos I took on my phone...stay tuned!

Enjoy your day everyone!