Saturday, May 21, 2011

Heading to La Ceiba - Honduras

Venita and Sarah on our 7 hour bus ride to La Ceiba. Thank God for first class seats!!
The beautiful sunset over the mountains!! This picture just does not do it justice!
We finally made it to La Ceiba! Venita showing off our hotel room! We thought we were in heaven since we had A/C! :)
Our dinner. fried chicken, plaintain, and slaw which we couldn't eat. lol
Inside our hotel.
Outside of our hotel...our taxi driver, Barry, trying to fit all of our luggage into the trunk...too funny!
The outside of our hotel...
Going grocery stop.....our very own private island!
In the taxi...
Barry laughing at us Americanas..........apparently we made him laugh a lot. ha!
Love this picture!

Yes, my folks....THIS is how we rode around ALL of La Ceiba!!! With our luggage hanging out for God and everybody to see!! haha!!
Our first view of the ocean!!

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