Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Week in Louisiana...

So as you can tell from previous posts, I was able to spend almost a week in Louisiana with my family. I'll tell you right now, it wasn't near long enough. I wasn't ready to come back home. But...on the positive side, I got to spend a LOT of time with a LOT of family, made special memories, watched LOTS of football, and enjoyed every single moment of it!! Can't go wrong there right?

My Granddaddy has been in/out of the hospital and the day after we got there, he was able to come home! We went to Poncho's Mexican restaurant to eat. I hadn't eaten there since I was a little kid....so in honor of my sweet Mammaw...that's where we ate.

It was buffet style. I honestly wasn't sure if I wanted to go because I didn't think I would like it...and didn't want to ruin the GREAT memory I had as a kid going there all the time with Granddaddy and Mammaw. But, it wasn't TOO bad for this style of Mexican food...

Anytime you need something, just raise your flag!

Sopapillas! Yummy! In honor of Mammaw. She LOVED these things. Only we eat honey with it and she poured HOT HOT Sauce on them. ha!

The Poncho's "dude". lol

Me and the sweetest Granddaddy ever!

Thanksgiving day was full of delish food!!

And we also got to eat at Aunt Wanda and Aunt Nellie's BBQ restaurant!
This is my Mom and Uncle Wayne being silly. Well, Mom only did this because Uncle Wayne made her. LOL

ha! Such a typical picture. Uncle Wayne being silly and Mom being pretty! LOL

Me and Uncle Wayne

Aunt Nellie

And....we watched a TON of football....This happens to be the UT/UK game and UT won!

Louisiana - Texas....Southern Girl at heart! :)

My SWEET Granddaddy!!! I will never forget some of the sweet things he told me this week!!! LOVE him!!!

Sweet little Bella!

My beautiful cousin Alysia!!

And little grown up Jessica! Such a beautiful young lady! :)

And we just had to have a little photo op in the little town my Granddaddy lives in.

On the way home we passed through Mena, Arkansas. We happened to see the old train depot there that had an old historic car there. For some reason I love taking pics of old cars so we just had to stop. :)

Loving the front of this car!

*sigh* Now can we go back to the South? :)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Louisiana Boardwalk

I love going down to the Louisiana Boardwalk! It's a big shopping area with a river front and walking area in the back. Such a cool place! If you're ever in Shreveport-you should definitely check it out! After our "ice cream outing" with my Mom and Uncle, we headed down here to take some pictures! So much fun!

Ice Cream Date

My Uncle Wayne and I have a tradition that every time we get together - we must go get some ice cream! After all it is a dairy product right?! Teehee! :) So, while I was in Louisiana...guess what?! We just HAD to go get ice cream! :) It was so much fun getting to hang out with him and my Mom. He is so silly and LOVES to have a good time!!!

Uncle W is trying to steal some of my ice cream! lol


I loved these cute little sayings they had on the wall!

My Uncle and my Mom love to have a good time. Ok so my Uncle loves to be silly. See if you can notice anything "different" about the picture on the left. ha! Then on the right...my uncle was being sweet...talk about sibling love! :)