Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Arrived back in Tegucigalpa

We arrived back in Teguc, after our lovely taxi ride. (see previous posts on stories) and just hung out, did some laundry, unpacked and repacked, and then decided to go eat some dinner. We went to this really good Italian place at the mall!

And also a cheese platter
The view from our table!
My pizza...pineapple and ham
V's pizza. mushrooms and shrimp
Sarah's pizza...ham, pineapple, olives, and eggs
Sarah, Me, and Venita at dinner!
Time for dessert! My apple tort
V's tiramasu
Sarah's chocolate tort
This was Sunday after our adventure of trying to get to church and being unsuccessful. Sarah had fallen asleep and Venita and I got bored so we decided to take a few pics! lol

This once again just simply amazes me. How in the world do they know what is going on here? LOL
Loved this view as we were driving!

Traffic. Gotta have proof they drive in straight lines. ha!! Yes that is a hint of sarcasm! :)
They don't dodge barrels in the middle of the road either. :)

This little girl was doing tricks in the middle of the street then going to collect money
Time for dinner!
Inside the restaurant
Sarah and I at dinner!
Sarah and Venita at dinner
Me and Venita at dinner. We called ourselves the "dark sistas" since we got so much sun! LOL
Banana Pop...
Our dinner!!! Pupoosa's, slaw, onions, and tacos....all for $13.00 (including our drinks)
The guards/police all look so young there. And they all carry huge guns!

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