Thursday, May 5, 2011

Honduras Adventures: Sunday

The electricity went out before church today...which also causes the water not to work. ha! Imagine 3 girls trying to get ready for church with no electricity or water! ha! But needless to say, we survived! :)

We made it to church, had an awesome service. Everyone was so friendly and made us feel very welcome! Thank You to everyone that made us feel so welcome while we were there!

We had to leave church early to catch a bus to go to La Ceiba. We rode first class style which was super nice! The seats were so comfy and they kept us provided with snacks and drinks. A 7 hour bus ride turned into 9. ha! During the bus ride, what time we didn't sleep, we saw some very interesting things.

  • We saw some shacks that some didn't even have 4 walls, just metal planks because thats all they could afford to put together. It makes you thankful for what you are blessed to have.

  • Saw a bike with tons of bags on it, and a Mom and a baby carseat sitting on top of the bags, riding down the street.

  • The sun over the mountains were absolutely beautiful!

  • The bus stopped and we attemped to use the bathroom on the bus, until a lady jumped in front of us and used the restroom with the door OPEN. Oh, and you can't forget the sign above the toilet that read, "Urine only". I'm just being real here forgive me.

  • A guy from the local La Ceiba church is our taxi driver...and for some reason we kept him laughing. Wonder why? 3 gringas traveling Honduras with all our crazy comments and American luggage that had to be tied to the trunk so it wouldn't fall out. ha!! And everytime we went over a bump, looked back to make sure all our Americana luggage was still hanging in there. haha! Sarah and I were teasing Venita that he had the "hots" (ok I know that term is old school lol) for her! Especially when she almost got a kissy kissy. LOL Sorry, Venita...I had to!

  • We stayed in a really nice hotel today, La Aurora. Thankful for air conditioning and a comfortable bed with a hot shower! It had lovely, shiney tile floors and an awesome chandelier in the lobby. The hotel guy showed us to our room, brought us water in a pitcher, and he ordered and brought us food from across the street! Super nice!

  • Our dinner tonight: 1 piece of fried chicken, slaw we couldn't eat, and a yummy plantain!

All in was a good day! :)

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