Sunday, May 22, 2011

Off to Little Cay! Our very own private island!

And, it's off we go!! Heading out to Little Cay! Our very own private island! On the boat traveling the deep blue on the Caribbean!

Arriving at Little Cay!!! It is so beautiful!!! Loving the beautiful water!
The dock on the right side of the island.
The generator house (remember the previous post about the CRAZINESS with the crabs? Yeah....THIS was the house. ha!!)
The first view of our house!!!
View from the dock!

Here is a video clip to let you tour the house!

Here is a video clip to let you tour the island!

View of the dining room
View of the kitchen
View from the front door looking out on the porch
View of the living room
Living room again

Stairs to go upstairs to the bedrooms

The bedroom where we all slept and each had our own bed. These are the first two...
The other bed...
The door in our room that leads out to the top deck...
Other part of our bedroom that leads to the bathroom.
the bathroom...
Going out to the top deck.
On the top deck looking out over the Caribbean!
Full view of the top deck

top deck

On the top deck, looking into the second bedroom.

Back downstairs looking out from the front door.

Loving the palm trees!
View of the dock on the right side of the island
View of our house again

View of the beach...
The beautiful sunset our first night there!!! Gorgeous!!
Simply breathtaking!

View from inside our kitchen at dusk...beautiful!
The kitchen stove....that took us 5 hours to cook dinner our first night (read previous post)
Everything has been wonderful until now........and our "friendly visitors" decided to show up. (Read previous posts for more details...) All this girl has to say is.....I AM NOT A FAN OF THESE CREEPY CRAWLY THINGS. They clicked and made all sorts of noises....ugh! This.....we did not sign up for. LOL

And on that creepy note....until the next post. LOL

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