Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hello from GREECE!!!

Hey everybody!!!
Just wanted to post something real quick while we had a few minutes at the internet cafe!! We are having a blast!! The flight over was the most interesting, hottest, and longest flight with no sleep ever! The flight was 9 hours long! But, we made it safely and thats what counts! :) We spent a day in Athens, then boarded the AquaMarine cruise ship to Mykonos (absolutely amazing), today we visited Lindos and Rhodes, 2 islands in Greece! Tomorrow we head to visit the country of Turkey, which is on the continent of Asia!! Then we go back to Athens for 2 days! We are having a blast and I can't wait to share all my pictures!

I wish you all could be here with us!!!!

If I can find another internet cafe before we leave, I'll post another time, if not, then I'll see you when we get back!!!

Miss you all!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane!!!

Hey everyone! I'm leaving today for New York City!!! Tomorrow we are leaving for Athens, Greece!!!! I am soo excited! I only got 2 hours of sleep last night so its going to be a long day but at least I can sleep on the plane! :) I'll see you guys in a week!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Marsha's Bridal Shower

Ok, so this was the FUNNIEST shower I have EVER been to!! I seriously don't know if I can laugh anymore this weekend!! There were some crazy games and we were laughing uncontrollably!!! As you will see in some of these pictures! LOL All I can say is, WOW!!!!

A Weekend of Fun and Laughter!!!

We had SO much fun this weekend! Shannon, Cherith, and Zach stopped in KC on their way back home from Colorado. They got in Thursday night and they just left this morning. Most of the pics we took were from Saturday, but we had a lot of fun. Thursday night, Sarah and I took them to experience some good ole KC BBQ!!! Then Friday afternoon we went to the Miniature Toy Museum, went and ate lunch at Fritz's (where they deliver your food by train!), then we went to the Federal Reserve Bank and got a free bag of shredded money worth $165! Then we went to Liberty Memorial and just hung out. Then for dinner we went to Margarita's Mexican Restuarant...and met up with the Ready clan and Ragen and Byron! After we ate we went bowling and had a blast!!! I'm thankful to be blessed with such awesome friends!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back in the Day...

All I can say is, WOW!!! haha This was way back in the day. Back when we were in the youth group, "Youth United". Tim and Tricia Sanders (our youth leaders) took us on a Jr/Sr Trip to Gateway College of Evangelism in St. Louis (We were 17-18 years old). We had SO MUCH FUN on this trip. In fact, sometimes when we are all together, we still talk about some of the memories on that trip. We definitely made alot of them, thats for sure. LOL One day when we were at the mall, we decided to get a cariacture (sp?) done. It was hilarious!!! Definitely some Good Times!! :)

From Top to Bottom, Left to Right:
Ronnie, Me, Brian, Tim, Andrea, Rachel, Tricia, and Beth.

The Breakfast Song!

HAHAHA!!! This is hilarious! If you haven't seen this, please watch it. I was cracking up through the whole thing! haha Before you watch it, make sure you pause the music at the bottom of the page, so you can hear it good. ENJOY!!! :) *snicker*

Monday, March 16, 2009

Good News!!

So, as you know from previous posts. My company decided to downsize in my dept; and I had to reapply for my job, last Wednesday. Well, I got the news today and I GOT TO KEEP MY J-O-B!!!!!! I am very excited!! God definitely takes care of His children. I was SO excited that God answered my prayer-even though this was a little "problem" for Him. Although I am very excited about keeping my job, my heart broke when the 4 people that were dismissed came over and told me. My heart went out to them and it was SO hard to see them go through this. So please keep them in your prayer time.

You know, it's a wonderful feeling knowing exactly where you're supposed to be. On the day of the interview, I just prayed a short and simple prayer, and asked God to keep the doors open if I was supposed to be here or close them if I wasn't. So, I'm taking this as if I'm exactly where I need to be. It makes me happy. Sad to say, but I don't know that I've ever really KNOWN exactly where I was supposed to be, but it is a good feeling and I am so thankful that God has answered my prayers.

I just want to personally say THANK YOU to everyone that has kept me in their prayers and thoughts during this time. Your thoughts, concerns, emails, texts, and I can't leave out all of your hugs...has all meant soooooo much to me!!!

I love you all!

UPDATE - March 17, 2009
To top it all off....I got a raise today!!!!! God is SO good!!!!! He has been extra good to me this week!!! :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom & Dad!!

Happy Birthday, Mom and Dad!!!!!

My Mom's birthday was Feb. 24th and Dad's birthday is today, March 13th! I took them out to dinner tonight to Cinzetti's Italian Restaurant. Oh was SOOOO yummy!!!

This is Daddio and I

This is Mom and I

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Interview

Well, I had my interview today. It was very nerve-racking and I had worked myself up all day long. My interview wasn't until 3:00 so I had lots of time to "think". Thats dangerous you know. Anyway, I think it went okay, but we'll just have to see what God has in store. I prayed before I went in there and God put a calmness over me - which really helped. :) I prayed that if God wanted me to stay where I'm at, to keep the door open and help me get the job...but if He doesn't want me to stay there, to close that door and I will know that there is something greater in store for me. Yes, it's a simple prayer. But God hears those just as well as the big long ones. It helped me anyway. Even though the "unknown" is scary and you're not sure what's going to happen, I have comfort in the fact that God is with me every moment.

I just want to personally thank everyone for their prayers, support, concern, and encouragement throughout this whole situation. You have helped lift my spirits and I can not begin to tell you just how much it has meant to me. To know that I have wonderful friends and family that has spoken into me and helped lift me up through this hard time-means so much. Through my teary eyes, thank you so much...yall are wonderful! I love you all!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sunday's Children's Service

This past Sunday we had a children's revival at church. It was so precious to see all those little kids up there loving Jesus! Here are a few pictures of the little toddlers singing their song. There are also a few pictures from our children's staff worship team! Notice the "live" puppet!!! We had two of them (a boy & girl) but for some reason I never got a picture of the girl.
Madison and Caedyn-front and center! :)

Alyssa stealing the "spotlight" lol

TLC's children's worship team! They did an awesome job!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Isn't God Amazing?!

You know...I have been thinking a lot tonight, just how amazing God is. Today was kind of a blah day for me. Just thinking about my job situation. And although I have fully put my faith and trust in God, I'm still human, and little thoughts would pop up like "what if" this happens or that. The "unknown" scares me and I think that is the only part of all of this that is making me a little uneasy. You don't know what to expect, who to talk to, what kind of questions they are going to ask, so you're just kinda hanging out not really knowing whats going on. When we found out today that the interview formalities are coming up really soon, I just got a knot in my stomach. I started feeling really overwhelmed by it all and everything else that is going on right now. I was heading to church just really feeling like I didn't want to go, but I knew I needed to. When Life Group started, when C2 started singing, the presence of God swept in that place so strong. I began to weep because I felt God's presence just surrounding me and feeling His love just gave me a peace once again. God is amazing. He will never let go of us and He will always be our provider!

Update on my Job

So we found out today that our interviews will possibly begin Thursday (tomorrow) or Friday, and most definitely next week sometime. Then they are hoping to make a decision shortly after that. The 4 people that they don't pick for the job...their last day will be May 1st.

I am still trusting completely in God that He will give me favor in this situation. If it is not His will for me to stay here, then I know without a shadow of a doubt that there is something better out there for me.

I want to thank each and every one of you that has been keeping me and this situation in your prayers. I have definitely felt your prayers and God has really given me a peace about this whole situation. Yes, I'm not saying that I sometimes don't get uneasy about it because sometimes I do....I don't like the "unknown". But I have really been calm about this whole situation. People at work have commented about how "calm" I've been and my answer is, "It's only God that is helping me". Thank you again for your prayers. Yall are the best!

St. Louis

This past weekend, I went to St. Louis again. My sister Robyn had a banquet to go to with Jeff, so I went up to do my sisters hair! She looked so beautiful! She has also lost almost 40 pounds and I am SO proud of her!!!

MMM HMMM...I had to make sure I got this one too! :)