Monday, May 9, 2011

Honduras Adventures: Wednesday

I'm sure you're just dying to know the rest of our crazy adventurous trip. :) So here it goes...

Random facts about our day :)

  • We got up this morning and sat outside for quite awhile. (told you this was our morning ritual) Then cooked some breakfast...yummy!

  • Sarah decided it was her turn to try the flippers out. worries we laugh at her just like we laughed at V when she tried it. There is a reason why these feet didn't go in them. ha!

  • The 3 of us were all relaxed under the palm trees enjoying the breeze. Sarah and I were trying to take a nap, when out of no where Venita JUMPS up and starts RUNNING around singing! Which in turn.....yepped you guess it.....made Sarah and I jump! Talk about scaring someone! ha!

  • They have some crazy pelicans on this island! Most of them are so laid back and reserved...yet there is one that loves to dive in the water and eat ALL day long. It's official today...we named him Spazzy. :)

  • No sea creatures today...thank you Jesus!

  • We explored the island today...took us a whole 10 minutes. hehe

  • The tide is so shallow in the morning and the later it gets the deeper it gets. Usually around 4:30-5:00 we had to get out of the water because it was getting pretty deep.

  • We left food for the lovely crustations again and they only left specs of foil. I mean seriously...the weirdest creatures...ever.

  • I was lounging in my chair (yes, in the water) again today broke while in the water. LOL Guess I deserved it? ha!

  • I nearly had heart FAILURE when I saw other creepy crawly things running towards me in the house tonight. Trust me, these feet stayed up in the chair while Venita mastered the killing with the broom. :)

  • Dinner tonight: bacon cheeseburgers, juicy pineapple, bean dip, potatoes, homemade chips, sofrita, and lemonade. mmmm but yes it was quite the random mix.

  • We had a landmark in the water that we always stuck close too (there was more sand than rocks there)....and we named it "Fern". Apparently we're in to naming things? lol

  • Apparently some of us need hearing aids? Venita or I (can't remember) said something about getting the tortillas....and Sarah said, "What? We didn't bring any pickles?" LOL

  • The crustations were making noises in the kitchen and Venita yelled at them saying "I hear you in there! Boy you betta back it on up!" bahaha Guess we're so accustomed to them by this point, we just talk to them. ha!!

  • We had a bug fly in our oil while we were making chips and we didn't notice until we had already eaten....isn't that a health code violation? :)

  • Venita and the broom were having quite the bonding session tonight...between creepy crawly things and invasion of the was a interesting night. More like V playing hockey. ha!

  • Over.It. (the crustations anyways).

To name a few very precious things that we would die to have right now...

  • washcloths

  • real dish soap (there's smell like ajax)

  • hot water

  • real showers

  • air conditioning

All in all...a good day. There is a beautiful breeze flowing through the windows right now...hope it stays like this through the night so we can sleep good.

-Until tomorrow...

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