Sunday, May 22, 2011

Back to the island of Utila!

We finally made it back to the island of Utila! Our private island was GREAT during the day. The night...not so much. But it was soooo was our time to leave. After quite the interesting morning, the last day we were there. We were thankful to get back to civilization. LOL (Read previous posts for more stories...)

Here is Venita crammed into a taxi with all of our luggage. hahaha!
Our hotel....The Mango Inn (pronounced MONgo Inn in Islander English lol)
Our little bitty bathroom and the shower where you had to turn sideways to get in and it still wasn't big enough. HA! had HOT water AND it had a STEADY flow of water! It's the little things we were thankful for!
One side of our room....AND....our room had AIR CONDITIONING! For have NO idea how GRATEFUL we were! :)
The other side of our room. And yes when it came time to watch the Royal Wedding.....we all 3 piled on this bed to watch it. ha!
The view outside of our hotel room
Our room was the last door on the left...
The beautiful pool area! They also have a hammock on the top of the stand to the left
Walking the 'trail' back to the front of the hotel
The main street by the hotel
It amazed me how they rode bikes here. We even saw a family of 4 on a bicycle like this.
A normal day...
We decided to rent a golf cart for the afternoon to drive around the island! This is the guy we rented it from...he ever so kindly pulled it out on the street for us. Good
Sarah's driving. Venita's navigating. Me...I'm the photographer and basking in the sun. Gotta soak up some more of that Vitamin D right?! ;) For some reason they didn't want me to navigate. If you only would most definitely understand. Just sayin'. LOL
Cruisin' the streets of Utila!
They had a ton of beach houses for sale...
local market
They are big on diving here...
beautiful flowers...
This was taken while sitting on a was so peaceful and beautiful here!
The first glimpse of the ocean while we were exploring the island!
loving those beach houses!
So beautiful!

Random? Not sure if these shoes washed up from shore or if someone put them there?
The start of the drive through the countryside...of which we called the "jungle" lol
These were the coolest leaves!
So pretty!!
Coconut tree? Pineapple tree? Can't remember exactly what this was. LOL Any guesses???
The Utila airport. lol

If you've read the previous posts.......this is the trusty old truck we kept running into. lol
The BEACH!!!! It was absolutely beautiful!! And the waves were HUGE!
Venita enjoying the water and the sunshine!!

haha....this picture is simply not okay...but had to post it anyway. Sarah was driving as I was standing on the back of the cart. Most likely not the safest thing I've ever done. Especially on those bumpy roads. ha! Needless to say that didn't last long. :)

LOVE this picture of us! Sarah wouldn't let us take her picture! lol
But we caught a glimpse of her in this picture! :D

Just me...
Banana tree
These little kids were adorable!!
I LOVE this picture!!

The gas pedal for the golf cart. ha!!
all their flowers were beautiful!

In front of someone's home...
A day in the life of a Honduran...
Public Restrooms anyone???

The local park...
Found a little tree swing by the ocean so we had to stop!!


The restaurant where we ate dinner
part of the menu
The lovely Venita at dinner
Me at dinner. Sarah wouldn't let us take her picture. lol
Sarah's meal...
Venita's meal
While we were eating dinner we looked up and saw this guy carrying this a/c unit. It's nothing to go down to the market and carry something like this home with you......
My dinner before the beef came...
Our two part dessert. It was supposed to come all together but the waitress was new. lol But was absolutely AMAZING!!! Grilled pineapple with a tad of brown sugar, covered in cinnamon with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream and carmel sauce. Oh. My. Word. It was divine!

Below are two videos from our golf cart experience...don't forget to pause the sound at the bottom of the page first.

This one totally cracks me up!!! It makes me laugh so stinkin' hard!

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