Thursday, May 5, 2011

Honduras Adventures: Monday

This morning we got up super early because we needed to go to the grocery store to get food for our private island before we catch the ferry. Our super nice taxi dude from last night picked us up again. At first he thought we wanted to go to the outdoor market but finally got it through to him that we needed the grocery store. :) We finally got everything we needed. We had bags and bags of food and wondered how we were going to get all of that along with our Americana luggage in this taxi! LOL Keep in mind that one suitcase is already tied to the trunk. ha!! We pushed and shoved until we finally got everything under control although it was a little tight in the back seat. :) Needless to say we were getting lots of looks...looks that read "el stupido Americanas". LOL But not only that...we got done WAY earlier than we thought so we had an hour to waste before we had to get to the ferry. So we asked our taxi driver if he would show us around La Ceiba.

We finally got to the ferry station to catch Princess Utila. It was supposed to leave at 9. We didn't leave until almost 11. lol But we're on the island so it's "No Problem!" *said in my best islander english voice* We waited for what seemed like years under that HOT and muggy Honduran sun with little breeze. But it was "No Problem"...we're going to the island! :)

So since I've already talked about some previous restroom experiences...yes, you guessed it. We experienced another one at the boat dock. Lets just say, you MUST carry toilet paper and hand sanitizer with you AT ALL TIMES. :) You hold these items near and dear to your heart when you are in a foreign land. Just saying. :)

While we were waiting, we happened to look up and we saw D'Andre's twin. Seriously. Every single thing about this guy was exactly like D'Andre. From the clothes he wore, to how he sat, how he wore his hat, how he fixed his glasses, his shoes, his smile, his facial features. Everything. So Venita decided to go talk to him...and he even posed like him! Too funny!

We finally got on the ferry, Princess Utila, and it was an hour long make your stomach flip flop kind of a ride. Dramamine didn't even touch it. Sweet Lord Jesus...we were so thankful to finally step foot off of it. ha! We almost felt like we were wave surfing. :) But we arrived safe and sound so that is all that matters, right? :)

We finally got to the island of Utila. Loved it!!! What a beautiful island! We got all 4700 bags and stopped under a huge tree to catch some shade while we waited on Barry (the island owner) to pick us up in his boat. I wish we knew what kind of tree it was. It was huge! And it had the biggest and prettiest leaves on it. It was the coolest thing! While we were waiting on Barry, we browsed through the streets a little bit, grabbed some cold drinks (we have lived on Gaterade), and also stopped at a street vendor and got a baleada to snack on. Oh my word, it was soo good! Especially when you haven't eaten all day. It's a toasted flour tortilla with red refried beans and Honduran cheese. It was wonderful! Barry finally showed up an hour later and we had to walk on what appeared to be a not so safe dock (no worries...we made it ok) and got all of our Americana luggage loaded in the boat.'s off to our...

Private Island!

It's absolutely beautiful!! The house is wonderful! The view when we arrived was lovely! Palm trees swaying and there is a beautiful house hiding behind all that with the sound of the ocean waves crashing in as we arrived. Lovely! Our little private island, Little Cay. We finally made it! We quickly went exploring! Lots of sand, lots of palm trees, lots of rocks, 2 docks, a huge 3 bedroom house, a 1 bedroom cabin, a generator house, and the beautiful Caribbean ocean! You can't go wrong with that! We were so hot from being outside all day that it didn't take long to get in the water. It's so relaxing.

Sitting here on the beach under a huge palm tree, with the house sitting behind us. Sarah and Venita are reading and we just watched the sun set over the beautiful, clear, Caribbean water. It's nearing dark and I'm sitting here listening to the waves crash against the rocks. Pretty relaxed right now.

Ok, so everything has been all goodness until tonight. I started cooking dinner and it took 3 hours just for the water to semi boil on the bottom of the pan. The next time I checked it, all the water had evaporated out of the pan. Seriously?! HA! Oh the joys! So while we are waiting on the water to boil and the chicken to finish cooking, all of a sudden we hear these clicking noises. Apparently we had some "pre dinner guests" that wanted to join us. We all looked at each other and said, "What was that?!" Only to get up and find several baby crabs just hanging out in the kitchen. I didn't sign up for this. LOL It's starting to be like a camping experience....and....

...I'm. Not. A. Camper.

Not to mention the fact that I. DON'T. Do. Creepy. Crawly. Things.

So we finally got past that, and Venita and I were trying to find something to strain the noodles with...and I noticed a HUGE roach just hanging out in the strainer. I THREW that bowl faster than lightening back in the cabinet and closed the door as I SCREAMED! ha! I'm such a girl. But Venita was right along with me.

Then a huge dragonfly came buzzing through the window and kept attacking Sarah and she straight up did the huckabuck trying to get away from it. ha!! If only we would of had the video camera out.

We finally got dinner done and we were sitting there, talking and laughing. It's what we do best! :) And we kept hearing these clicking noises. Ok, so we are in unfamiliar surroundings, in a foreign country, on a private island, and it's just us 3 gringas. Not to mention that it is pitch black outside and we couldn't get the generator (so we obviously have no electricity) on, so we only have solar lights that work. So Venita gets up with her flashlight and looks under the cabinet and screams, "KRISTA! LOOK!" I creep over towards her and there are these 2 HUGE Creepy hermit crabs. Crustations as we call them. They only come out at night time. We tried on several attempts to get them out of the house with a broom (rather Venita did. She gets ALL the credit for this). She opened up the door and...They were E V E R Y W H E R E outside. And that is not an exxageration.

So now we're back in the living room, feet propped up and looking down to make sure the floor is clear before getting down. Ok, really it wasn't THAT bad, but it is....if you know what I'm saying. At this point all I can say is thank you Jesus for a flashlight, a broom, a friend that isn't afraid to use the broom for these crustations, and that we are only on this island for 3 days instead of our original plan for 5 days. It's WONDERFUL during the day, but.............I'm not a fan of "crustations".

So not to end this on a bad note. We're listening to the wind blow hard through the trees right now and listening to the ocean waves crash against the rocks and it is beautiful! Love hearing those sounds! So thankful to be spending time with my lovely besties and experiencing the world together!

-Until Tuesday's Adventures...

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