Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Duck and Cover"

Yesterday we had quite the crazy storm in Kansas City! The tornado sirens went off for well over an hour. There were 4 tornadoes that were in Kansas City an they were circling all over the city. I've never been in a tornado warning THAT bad before and I've lived here 'most' of my life. It was the craziest thing. I was at work when it happened and we all grabbed our bags and headed for the basement. Scary! But, I was praying and had my faith level on high and was certain that God was going to protect us! And He did just that! The tornadoes passed and we were all fine! Thank God!!

This picture was taken by a guy that works in downtown Kansas City and it has gone all over the internet. Just wanted to share what kind of storms we had...and this pretty much says it all. This guy fully captured it! They titled this picture,
"Duck and Cover"

Our hearts go out to Joplin (a couple hours from here), Sedalia, Alabama, and any other area that has been devastated by the tornadoes. Our prayers are with you. May GOD give you peace and comfort during this difficult time!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Trendy Bliss: Welcome Fans!

Hi fans!! I just wanted to give you a quick shout out! Welcome!! Feel free to browse around! There is a lot of good stuff in there...and a lot of good stuff to come!

I just finished another handbag design tonight!! Super excited about this one!! Hoping to get it released within the next couple of days!

Don't forget that if you see something that you want, but you would like it in a different color, please feel free to contact me!!

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Also wanted to give a special shout out to Ruby Loop, Cristi Hoefer Photography, and Sweet Sarenity Boutique for sending so many new fans our way!! Yall are awesome!!

Have a wonderful day and Happy Shopping!!

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Trendy Bliss

Trendy Bliss: Vintage Collection

I am so excited to announce that Trendy Bliss has just launched a....


There are two listings apart of the collection that have just launched!!!

Are. You. Ready?!?

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My Bestie came to visit!!

My dearest and sweet friend came to visit!! It's been awhile since she's been to Kansas City! And although it was a super short trip for glad we got to spend some time together!! Her brother in law graduated high school...but I was able to steal her away for a few minutes!!

And...not to mention the fact that she has the most adorable lil man...that I've adopted as my nephew! I ADORE this lil guy so much!! I love it when you can call friends family!! Family isn't always blood related...its the ones that care about you through everything!!
Love this lil guy!! He's growing up so fast!! But I love getting to talk to him on the phone since we can't be together very often! He melts my heart. Seriously.

Christina got to come hang out with us too! So glad we all got to hang out!

Theresa and Stephanie....if you are reading was awesome getting to see you too! Hope to see you again soon!

Mothers Day 2011

So this is better late than never right?! Sorry this is so late. Things have been crazy around here and finally getting a chance to get caught up a little bit. Hope all you Mamas out there had a wonderful day with your family!

We had a great time here! Spent the day with Mom and Dad, my preggo sister and her hubby! We grilled out and then played games and hung out. :) Love days like that!

Mom and Dad!
Me with Mom and Dad
Dad, Mom, Darla, Jonathan, and Beebie Sherry
Mom and Darla
My preggo sister! This was taken at 7.5 months...she's right at 8 months now! Can't wait for the beebie to get here!
Mom's favorite flower...orchid!
The basket us kids got her so Dad could take her on a picnic!

Headed the good ole USA!!!

By this time...we were ready to come home. Sad to leave Venita, but ready to get home. These pictures were taken at the airport as we were getting ready to leave. Taken from the plane...and also taken up in the air.

Loved the view of the mountains!

Teguc is known for the TOP 2 in the WORLD for the shortest runways! Yikes! Here it is folks!
The rest of these are pics from the air as we kept getting higher...

Riding first class style home......thanks to Continental....

Welcome back to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!! Where I nearly kissed the ground when we landed! LOL So good to be back home!

Arrived back in Tegucigalpa

We arrived back in Teguc, after our lovely taxi ride. (see previous posts on stories) and just hung out, did some laundry, unpacked and repacked, and then decided to go eat some dinner. We went to this really good Italian place at the mall!

And also a cheese platter
The view from our table!
My pizza...pineapple and ham
V's pizza. mushrooms and shrimp
Sarah's pizza...ham, pineapple, olives, and eggs
Sarah, Me, and Venita at dinner!
Time for dessert! My apple tort
V's tiramasu
Sarah's chocolate tort
This was Sunday after our adventure of trying to get to church and being unsuccessful. Sarah had fallen asleep and Venita and I got bored so we decided to take a few pics! lol

This once again just simply amazes me. How in the world do they know what is going on here? LOL
Loved this view as we were driving!

Traffic. Gotta have proof they drive in straight lines. ha!! Yes that is a hint of sarcasm! :)
They don't dodge barrels in the middle of the road either. :)

This little girl was doing tricks in the middle of the street then going to collect money
Time for dinner!
Inside the restaurant
Sarah and I at dinner!
Sarah and Venita at dinner
Me and Venita at dinner. We called ourselves the "dark sistas" since we got so much sun! LOL
Banana Pop...
Our dinner!!! Pupoosa's, slaw, onions, and tacos....all for $13.00 (including our drinks)
The guards/police all look so young there. And they all carry huge guns!