Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!


I hope yall are all having a wonderful Christmas with your families! I have had the BEST Christmas already and it's not even over yet!

Yesterday, my parents and I came to St Louis to have Christmas here with my sister. When I walked in the house, my sister needed some help getting things ready for dinner, so I went in and was helping her and I turned around and Shannon is standing there with Jeff following him with the video camera. I was SOOO surprised!!! I was pretty much speechless and it was a delayed reaction. lol But he got a HUGE hug from me. I looked down a few minutes later and my hands were shaking so bad. LOL I didn't think I was going to get to see him until the end of January, but he surprised me good!!! I'm SOO glad I got to see him!!!
Here we are after things calmed down a bit. lol

Some of the awesome stuff my sister had last night!

Shannon had to leave this morning to go back home, so we had to take a few pics before he left. I miss him already, but was SO glad I got to see him even for a few hours. :) Merry Christmas, Baby, thank you for making this such a special Christmas!!

My nephew, Todd, decided to join us for a picture. lol

Later this morning, we had Christmas breakfast! Gingerbread Man and Christmas Tree shaped pancakes!

Now, we're about to let the kiddos open their stockings and presents.

This is my sisters Christmas tree...

Opening gifts and getting some lovin'

Mine and Ashlyn's crazy socks...

Then my sister decided to jump in...but her's....isn't quite so crazy. LOL

For Christmas dinner we had ham, turkey, green beans, salad, snowman mashed potatoes, and dessert. Here are the snowman mashed 'taters!

Katelyn's pet, "Carrot" had to open Christmas presents too. LOL

Jeff put on an awesome fire in the fireplace! It was so cozy and warm for such a cold WHITE Christmas day! :)

When we got back home to Kansas City, we found 10-11 inches of snow on the ground! That definitely beat the 2 inches we got in St Louis. It was beautiful!! Then a couple days later we got 3 more inches! But here is what it looked like when we got home. I couldn't even get my car out of the mound of snow from the snow plows.