Monday, April 28, 2008

Branson with C2!!!!!!!

This weekend the United C2 (College and Career) group went to Branson and We had a BLAST!!! This trip was full of memories and wish more people could have gone. But we had a great time and this will be a trip we will never forget!!!

We left Thursday evening and headed to Branson…when we got there we went to eat at Applebee’s because that was pretty much all that was open! Thank God for ½ price appetizers! Haha On Friday morning we got up and had good ole Cracker Barrel for breakfast!!  We then went shopping for a few hours at the Tanger Outlet Mall! After our shopping experience some of the group went to the Arcade and the rest of us went mini golfing. Lets just say that we had quite the experience on ‘the greens’!! For those of you that golfed, can I get an Amen?? Haha Complete with getting rained on! We then headed to TJ Max and Target before heading to Lamberts! Home of the Throwed Rolls! We all squished into the table and had the best meal ever!! After we ate, we went back to the cabins and played games! On Saturday morning we got up and spent all day at Silver Dollar City, then came home late Saturday evening. We had a BLAST and we can’t wait to go again!!!

Just a few memories to sum up this trip….

*Need a car seat??
*Fighting for ½ price appetizers
*Where’s Byron?
*Ragen’s dodging experience at the outlet mall
*Prayer on the ‘Greens’
*11 people sitting in a 6 person table at Lamberts
*Entertain for Entertainment…come on guys!!
*Catch Phrase…the guys lost!! 
*Round 2?!
*Popsicles anyone?
*Krista’s shoes
*Won the fat people’s Olympics
*Walking through the woods…everyone got wet and muddy…
*Where’s Tara?....WHERES TARA?
*Well folks, we’re going to stop the ride for a moment to pick up someone’s shoes
*The cave
*You better not take a picture of that bat! Leave that alone!
*No licking!!
*Stopping at QT
*Chris and Thunderation
*Krista trying to get Branson on 411
*Children of Uganda

Monday, April 21, 2008

Semi-Finalist!!!!! x2!!!

I know that I've posted this picture before but I am just too excited to not share the news!!!

When I took this picture I had forwarded it to several friends and they all encouraged me to enter it into a contest. I hadn't even thought of it and they inspired me so I decided to look online and see if there were any online contests available! Well there were so I decided to go for it!!! :) With the help of my sister and her husband, Robyn and Jeff, we named the picture "Enlightening". I entered the picture about a month ago and I got an email today stating that it had been selected for the "Semi-Finalist"!!!!!!!! There is a great chance to win a prize. The big prizes are amazing and I am claiming it!!! :) Also, since it has been selected to go to semi finalist they are publishing this picture in their book, "Endless Journeys"!!!!!

**UPDATE** I had entered this same picture into a 2nd contest and I found out this weekend that I have been selected as one of the finalist on this competition as well and they are also publishing the picture in their book!!!!! And have a very good chance at winning a great prize!!!

GAH!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! I will let you all know the results when I hear something!!!! If you think about it, say a prayer!!!

Lori and Jessy came to visit!!

Lori and Jessy came to KC last week and we were able to get together for dinner on Monday night!!! It was SOOO good to see them and we had alot of fun!!!! This is a picture of Lori, Megan, and I after dinner at Jack Stacks (YUMMO)!! Megan is Lori's best friend from high school and she is a great girl!! I didn't get a picture of Lori and Jessy tho. :( Our time wasn't long enough but it was great to see them for a little bit! :) Love you guys!