Saturday, December 31, 2011

Whoo's Having a Baby?!

A couple weeks ago, Michelle threw a baby shower for Crystal! I love my sweet friends! She did an Owl themed party and it was absolutely adorable!! We are so excited the Larmie's (or Larabelle's as I call them) are having another baby! This makes three! I love their kiddos! I love being their adopted Auntie! Caedyn now calls me Aunt Krista, Noelle (Sissy) calls me Aunt Da....I wonder what Lilly will call me?? hehe LOVE IT!

Whooo's Here?

Drinks, brownie pops, and cake
Brownie pops made my Michelle! She did fabulous!
The cake I made with homemade marshmellow fondant!
The owls!
Veggie cups and cheese ball
Playing games!

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