Friday, December 30, 2011

Thanksgiving: Fun on the Boardwalk

A week in Louisiana was way too much fun, but not near long enough! One night we spent with my cousins and uncle from Mom's side of the family! We had a BLAST! We went to the Louisiana Boardwalk...and it may not have been the same by the time we left! LOL

I love walking around down here!
Katelyn taking a picture of the bridge
My love for lamp posts comes out again. lol

I absolutely LOVE this picture! My uncle surprised my mom and picked her up off the ground! HAHA!! LOVE her expression!! Priceless!

Cousins! Victoria, Charlene, Me, MaLinda, and Robyn
Love my cousins!! Victoria, Charlene, Me, MaLinda, Robyn, Madeline, and Katelyn

Christmas on the Boardwalk
Ash and Kate
Dad/Daughter: Uncle Wayne and MaLinda
Cousins! Ashlyn, Madeline, and Victoria
Fun times with cousins
Uncle Wayne dancing with Ashlyn in the street! haha FUN times!
Lots of shopping...

haha love these expressions!

Seriously, this was one of the best nights! We had so much fun with our family! Laughed until we couldn't laugh anymore!

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