Friday, December 30, 2011

Thanksgiving: Fun at Granddaddy's!

We always have the greatest times at Granddaddy's house! I love hearing him walk around the house saying, "I love all my babies", "You know what? You're one of my favorites!", "I love all these pretty women in my house!", "Good night sweethearts.", "I love having all my babies here!" He's such a sweet Granddaddy! Oh how I wish we lived closer to him!!

This is such a typical picture of him. Working in the shed.
My sister Robyn and I with our cousin Cindy!
Auntie JoAnn and Todd
My niece Ashlyn and I matched, boots and all! :)
Love my sweet girl!
Sissy and I hugging on our sweet Granddaddy!
Good-Night kisses for Granddaddy
He was loving all the attention lol
haha way too cute!
So sweet!

Thanksgiving Day!! Mom and Dad! ha! Love Dad's expression!
Dad and I talking to baby Karstan in Turkey!
Dad and I enjoying Thanksgiving dinner.......southern goodness.
Mom and Dad and some of my aunts looking at pictures! Aunt Gloria, Aunt Cathy, Aunt Virginia, and Aunt Joyce.

That's pretty much it...we just hung out all day. Spent time with family, looked through the shopping ads, watched football.....lots of football, watched Christmas movies, and ate....lots of food! :) Love spending time with my family!

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