Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Simple Life...

The past few months have been very challenging for me. It seems like everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong. Received news that in just a few short months, I'll be loosing my job, challenges in my family, loved ones have been sick; it's been a battle. Sometimes life is not always a bowl of cherries.

Sometimes life gives you lemons, but you know what?

Make lemonade!

No matter what happens in life, there is always SOMEthing to be thankful for. There is always SOMEthing to be positive about. Yes, it's not always easy, but it will help carry you through. Look around and count your blessings. Try to live "The Simple Life".

This is one thing that I want to be better at this upcoming year. Share a smile. You never know what someone is going through when you pass them. They could have a smile on their face and you'd never know that they might be fighting the greatest battle. "The Simple Life". To be more compassionate. To be more sensitive to people's needs. "The Simple Life". Putting people first before yourself. Give a hug or two. "The Simple Life". When you ask, 'how are you?', mean it. Compliment people. Pray. Share a simple act of kindness. These are simple things, yet can mean so much!

Be positive. Stay positive. Lift people up.

Live..."The Simple Life". :)

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