Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011: Putting up the Tree

After we returned home from our trip to Louisiana; my sister, nieces, and nephew decided to put up the Christmas tree! It was so much fun! We don't get to do that together very often since they live so far away! We turned on the Christmas music and was being serenaded by Michael Buble. :) That man could sing to me ANY time he wants! haha!

So we were "fluffing" the tree and turned around to find this! Kate had wrapped Todd up in lights! LOL

Putting ornaments on the tree!
Kate putting the topper on the tree...Ashlyn decorating the tree
The pickle!! We started a new tradition in our family this year. This is a German tradition where you hide the pickle in the tree and whoever finds the pickle first, gets "good luck" the rest of the year. We thought it was something fun to do....the kids LOVED it!
Me with my nieces and nephew, right before my sister hid the pickle
Looking for the pickle...
Todd found it!!
I love this picture! Todd and I were dancing 'around' the Christmas tree! So much fun! So many memories!
Katelyn putting up our African manger scene!
The Christmas tree! *the beads are killing me here. But the kids did it, so I left it for awhile, but then just couldn't take it anymore...I had to fix it! LOL*
The stockings were hung on the chimney with care...

I LOVE Christmas time and everything about it! I LOVE making memories with my family!!!

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