Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Weekend of Weddings: Recap

I'm very late at posting this. But about a month ago, my friend Sarah and I were so blessed to be apart of 2 of our dear friends weddings! What a fun weekend! Since it was going to be such a busy weekend, we decided to go up a couple days early for a little vacay!

A little recap for the weekend... flew to South Carolina, side trip to Ashville, NC to see the Biltmore Estate, back to SC, flew to Chicago, drove to Indiana, came back through Michigan, and back to Chicago. All this in 5 days. We're adventurers. :)

It was such a fabulous weekend! The first night we decided to drive around Downtown Greenville, South Carolina. What a fabulous city! It was easy to get around, lots of cool places, the architecture was amazing, and we just had an awesome time!

This was while we were driving around the square, Downtown.

Saw this old church with fabulous architecture! I just "happen" to LOVE old looking doors...especially red ones! And look what we found!

We ate at "Sticky Fingers BBQ". It was good, but I'm hard to please on bbq. You know, since we ARE from Kansas City! :)

After the Borkenhagen/Hunt wedding we made a little stop through...

...since we were just a few miles away! Yeah, we're crazy like that! haha

We were also very excited to stop and have dinner with one of our friends, Beth, that lived close by! It had been a couple years since we had seen her, so it was great to catch up!

We made our way back to Chicago and hung out for awhile before going back to the hotel! I LOVE Chicago! First stop, Navy Pier!

There is just something that I absolutely LOVE about walking through here!

Love the Ferris Wheel!

My friend Sarah that made this crazy weekend journey with me! haha This is on the ferris wheel.
On the ferris wheel taking in all the lights in a city that I love so much!
*sigh* I love this city! But I bet you couldn't tell that by now, huh? :)

Leaving Navy Pier...
Driving around town...if you've been following this blog for any amount of time, you will know why we went to the Hershey store! LOL Why, yes, I had to go see if the Cupcake Man was there. Sad news: it was too late and he had already left! haha!!
Inside story on this so I had to take a picture!
Glimpse of Christmas!

I LOVE Millennium Park!!

Such a fun night! So glad I was able to spend this weekend with great friends!

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