Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011: Indiana

I so missed having Christmas in Kansas City this year. There is absolutely nothing like a Kansas City Christmas! But...I was so excited to spend Christmas in Indiana this year at my sisters house.

We were only missing one thing.

My sister and her family in Turkey.

We didn't get to be with baby Karstan on his first Christmas.

But very thankful for Skype and we did get to watch him open one present! Yay! He loved the paper! Unfortunately our box we sent is late and hopefully they will get it this week!

Our Christmas festivities!

My sister just moved into a new house and doesn't have a the stockings were "laid on the table with care". :)

The kids before they opened their stockings
I love this picture of my parents!! It's a rare thing that you will ever find anything on my Mom's head! lol
Ashlyn and her daddy
My brother Jeff (my sisters husband....I don't like using the word 'in-law')
My sister and her hubby
The kids with their Grandmommy and Granddaddy. Right after this picture, my Mom was acting like she was holding Karstan. She started crying....which made me cry! We miss our family and wish they could be with us!
Me with Momma and Daddio
And Robyn ...
Daddio and I
Christmas dinner.....cooked by....
Yours Truly and my Sissy in our matching Santa aprons. :)

More pics to come...

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