Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vertical Praise - "Highest Praise" Concert

Sunday was incredible!! I love being apart of Vertical Praise!! Thank You Justin and Crystal for your constant vision, encouragement, and talent! TLC is so blessed to have you here!! My Dad got pictures of part of once I get pics of the rest, then I'll post some more. :)

This is the Men's Ensemble! - Justin, Jeff, Nathan, Robert, Tod, Chris, and Danny



Part of our Band

Men's Quartet! - Pastor Gleason, Terry, Jeff, and Danny.


Terry and Jeff

Pastor Gleason....which the BEST! I love hearing him sing!!

Silent Praise always rocks the house!! The team is constantly growing!!

Ensemble - Kacey, Andrea, Ragen, Crystal, Me, Jeff, and Robert...





Nicole- our 2nd keyboardist



Choir...can I just say that Choir rocks?! Love it!!
Part of the Tenor and Alto section...we all have such great expressions. LOL

Belinda rockin out the solo and our awesome Altos!

Jeff and I and part of the Tenors!

Some of the Sopranos!

More Altos!

Love this pic of the choir!

More Tenors!

Love this picture!

At the very end of the service, we had a team that did the skit, "Everything" by was very powerful!! If you haven't seen it, I encourage you to youtube it!

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