Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 4: Parasailing in St. Thomas

St. Thomas is a beautiful island! We started our morning out in the Amber Palace come to find out we were meeting in the wrong place. LOL So before we left, Sarah and I decided to take a couple of pictures.
This is the beautiful Amber Palace where we hold many memories. :)

Sarah...just hanging out...about to go meet our friends!

Me in the Amber Palace

We're going Para-sailing!!! This is Michelle....hmmm she looks a bit scared...wonder why?! LOL

And theres me...there is pure fright behind that smile! Just sayin.

Michelle signing her life away and Kristi is smiling because she's not doing it!

Joy and Venita excited about parasailing!

Kristi and her "Chicken Ticket" LOL

Venita signing her life away...

Kristi and Sarah and their "Chicken Tickets". bahaha

Michelle, Kristi, Sarah, Joy, Venita, and Me

Kristi is proudly sporting her "Chicken Ticket" LOL

Our Ship, Carnival Glory!

The first view of our parasailing boat

View of the ship by our parasailing boat

Venita looks way to excited to be on this thing. haha

Michelle and's too late...we're already on the boat!

Joy and Venita

A view of the front of the parasailing boat...the sky was gorgeous!

The view of the back of the boat
The guys getting it ready!

It's up!

I think there is a little fright left lol

Look at those waves!!! We went 4 miles out in the ocean!

Michelle getting ready to go!

What?! Seriously??

Venita all ready to get up in the air!

V's up!!

Here I am...all set and ready to go!

I'm up...and doing okay....

Starting to wonder why I am really flying through the

300 feet up in the air!! Afraid of heights and can't swim...not a good combination. LOL It was beautiful up there though! I did good until I looked down, then I kinda freaked out! I was hanging on to that rope for dear life, like thats really going to help anything! LOL

Coming back was a little scary...I wanted to make sure I landed back on the boat! LOL I did and all was good! It really was a great experience even though it was a little scary! Everyone needs to try it! :)

The next few pictures are as we were coming back to land after our big adventure! :) Sooo beautiful!!!

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Gayla said...

Glad you went parasailing. I did that in Hawaii and LOVED it. I snorkeled in St. Thomas but wish I could have gone into town, also. Not enough time...:(