Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 7: At Sea

Today we're traveling back to Miami and we were at Sea all day! I was too tired to get up and see the sunrise this morning but I heard it was the most beautiful one! And I missed it! Bummer. For some reason, I didn't take many pictures on this day. We just hung out and relaxed all day, hung out with friends, and I'm sure there was lots of laughter in there too. :)

Started out with a wonderful breakfast!! :) Scrambled eggs and Belgian waffle!

Later on in the day, we met in the Green Room for ice breaker with the group...

Kristi being all cute! :)

V and Kris giving being sassy! lol

Time for dinner...Our last night. :(

V and I and our nightly pose. lol

Our table! Table 325 rocked!! Diane, Thelma, Marlene, Jean, Joan, Joy, Venita, Me, and Sarah

This bread was soo good! But it was really funny because I asked for one piece and he gave me this HUGE piece...might as well have been the whole loaf. lol

Now "this" is a big hunk o meat! Goodness!

Our sweet and hilarious friends from Florida! Marlene, Jean, and Joan.

Our last dinner dance! :( They were singing to us telling us how much they didn't want us to go! Awwww lol

V "crying" because she didn't want it to be the last night. lol

Our cool little towel dude. :)

Hanging out in the Amber Palace waiting for the Carnival Legends show to start!
Chelle and Kris!

The cool chandalier in the Amber Palace!

Joy and Venita lol

Me, Venita, and Joy!

Joy and Sarah

I love these next two pictures!! We look so cute and innocent in this first pic...and so...

umm...crazy in this one! LOL

And the Carnival Legends show begins...this is our Cruise Director, James.

Staring Aretha Franklin...aka...Susan Justice! LOL GO girl!!! She tore it up!

Next staring...Elvis Presley...aka...Scott Garrett! HAHA He tore it up too! They both did SOOO good!!!

And the final to the show...

Venita with Elvis and Aretha (Scott and Susan) lol

Me, Sarah, and Venita hanging out in the lobby

Me, Kris, and Chelle

Rachel, *Elvis* and Me

Friends!! Kris, Chelle, Julie, Venita, Sarah, Rachel, Me, Shannon, Jen!

Sarah and her "Friend". bahahaha!!

Us laughing about her "friend" after the fact! LOL

After all the excitement of the evening, we all just hung out on deck for a long time talking...sad that it was our last evening with everyone. :(

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