Monday, May 31, 2010

Celebration at the Station!

Celebration at the Station is one of my favorite things to go to in Kansas City!! It is a wonderful time to hang out at Union Station with family and friends and enjoy the amazing Patriotic music with the Kansas City Symphony!! I found this video on youtube that gives you an overall experience of 'Celebration at the Station'!

There is usually about 40,000 people that go to this event and its very family oriented! It's located in between Union Station and Liberty Memorial! Two of my most favorite landmarks in Kansas City! We got there a little early so we could hang out and get a decent seat! Noelle is adorable as usual! So of course Auntie Krista just HAD to take some pictures! :) She smiles ALL the time these days! And she's so into making funny faces...LOL Noelle and Auntie Kwista She loves to clap her hands and praise Jesus! My amazing cousin, Paulette and I...She rocks! My amazing friends, The Larabelles! (Ok, so thats just their nickname lol) a.k.a...Justin and Crystal :) Andrea and Caedyn showing their colored tongues from their icee's. lol Sis Pam, Andrea, and Caedyn Matt, Laura, Noelle, and Chris My Uncle Paul and Aunt Ruth Ann Looking at Union Station...the KC Symphony played under the big awning! Throughout the whole night, they changed the colors on Union Station! Loved it! Here are several pictures of some of what we saw last night. :) And my most favorite one of the night! Stars and Stripes!
This is another video I got off of youtube...this is the KC Symphony playing TAPS!

The night ended with a bang as the Canons went off followed by an amazing fireworks display over the Liberty Memorial!! (Photo taken from the website).

I am SO proud to be an AMERICAN!! I love this country. Thank You to all who have served this country to protect our freedom! Thank You for everything that you have sacrificed. GOD BLESS the USA!!!!

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