Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 3: At Sea

Today was a Fun Day at Sea! We just hung out all day which was nice to just relax with friends!
Here are a few pictures of the sunrise!

Rachel and I enjoyed the sunrise this morning...everyone else skipped out on

I can't believe I am putting this picture out here for the world to see. LOL But Venita just HAD to take this picture of me and rollers...getting my hair all beautified. LOL

Formal Night!! Joy, Me, Sarah, Julie, and Venita

Me, Sarah, and Julie

Venita and I

Diane and her Mom, Thelma...they are so sweet!

Venita, Joy, and Diane

Venita and Joy

Rachel, Rudy, and Julie!

Sarah, Shannon, and I...we just had to take this picture with Shannon and "the" tie! LOL

Sarah, Jen, and I

Yummy! The fruit was more than delish!!

One of my favorite meals! This pasta was sooo yummy!

Choice Dessert for the evening...some kind of carmel apple

Our waiters dancing for us...

Me and Debbie Saiz...Love her to pieces!!

Jeanette and Clarissa!


Me, Beth, and Lana

Me and Jonathan

I adore this picture!! Kristi, Me, Michelle, and Sarah

Sean and I

Jen, Sarah, Me, Michelle, and Kristi

Venita and Joy

Awe..Me and Michelle

Awe, I love this picture too!! Me, Michelle, and Kristi with our virgin drinks. Yummy!!

Comedy time! This guy was hilarious!

Awe... Kris and Kris!!

Kareoke time once quickly became a nightly ritual! This is Susan!

and David

Tracy and Scott


Beth and David

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