Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 6: Grand Turk

Opened another morning with another beautiful sunrise!!! It was so beautiful and peaceful! How could you not get up that early and watch the sunrise coming in over the ocean?! There will be lots of pictures of this was the most beautiful one!!

When we walked off the ship, we were awe struck. The water was INcredible!!!

Just Me...


Friends!!! Kris, Chelle, Sarah, Rachel, Me, V, and Julie

Welcome to Grand Turk!

Love this view of the ship!!

Simply beautiful!!

View of the beach! There wasn't much to this island...we could have gone "downtown" but honestly...we just wanted to lay out on the beach and relax...and that is exactly what we did. :)

Around the square...

A view of Margaritaville

So beautiful!!

Kris and Chelle...just relaxing!

Us relaxing...such a rough life I tell ya...This is how we spent our whole time in Grand Turk. :)

Margaritaville! We were going to eat there...but by the time we did, the wait was too long before we had to get back to the we decided to just have a photo op instead. :)

Back on the ship...a view of Grand Turk from our balcony room!

Back on the ship...and time for dinner! Another formal night!

Me with Joan, Marlene, and Jean!

Venita with Joan, Marlene, and Jean! They were so much fun!

Joy, Venita, Me, and Sarah!

Joy, Me, Venita, Julie, and Sarah!

Jean and Sarah...these 2 got along GREAT! They kept us laughing all night!!

Tonights dinner dance...

Dessert choice of the evening...for all you chocolate lovers!

Sarah, Venita, and I all got our pictures taken with our waiter, Kadech!

Me and Rachel! Comedy Time!

V and I!

Kris and Kris! :)

Chelle, Me, and V

Chelle, V, Kris, and Me

Photo op on the stairs with Venita and Joy!

Hanging out on the ship... Shannon and Sarah

Julie and I!

Julie and V

Our evening towel arrangement :)

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