Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jeff's Graduation!!

My brother, Jeff, graduated from college yesterday with his Bachelors in Organizational Leadership!!! (Ok, he is really my brother in law for those of you that don't know, but I don't like the term "in-law", so I call him my brother. lol). I am sooo proud of him!!! Not only did he go to school, he has a family, and also worked 60-80 hours a week. So, it was a lot of hard work, but we are all SOO proud of him!! Love you Jeff!!

Wish the pic wasn't blurry, but this is Jeff getting his diploma! We bribed Todd to yell "GO DAD!" when Jeff walked up was so funny! Yeah, so Auntie Krista owes him some money! lol

Katelyn during the graduation! LOL

Go Jeff!!

Todd and his Grandma

Robyn, Todd, and Jeff's Mom


Robyn and Jeff

Sweet family! Todd, Robyn, Katelyn, Jeff, and Ashlyn

Ashlyn and her Dad! She's so grown up now! Why do they have to grow up so fast?!

Bubs and his Dad!

Kate and her Dad!

The whole sha-bang! Mom, Me, Ash, Todd, Jeff, Robyn, Kate, Jenn, Robert and Kathie

Mom and I with Jeff and Robyn

Jeff and Robyn with Jeff's family

Me and Jeff

Mom and Jeff

Jeff and his sister Jenn

Grandmommy is getting lots of hugs!

Me and my "baby" girl, Ashlyn!

We Match! :)

LOL! Fun times with my niece! Kinda funny though because we kept falling over. lol

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