Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 4: St Thomas, USVI

After our big parasailing adventure, We went and explored other areas of the island! The island is so cool and almost reminded me of parts of Europe! It had so many quaint areas to take pictures in so bear with me! I'll try not to post all of them! lol!
Kristi and Michelle right inside the gate!

Welcome to the United States Virgin Islands!

We walked and explored, did some shopping, and hung out. Oh! And lets not forget that one of the stores had Aloe lotion which we were all very thankful for! lol
Anyone need a "Shop Building"? This is your chance...just saying...

We went in a store and tried on hats...this was the one I tried on...but it wouldn't fit over my hair! LOL Everyone said I looked like Ms. Marple. LOL

Me standing underneath the palm trees. Such a rough life I tell ya. :)

Walkin' around town. :) But boy was it HOT! A hot and muggy 106 degrees!!!

Going to get a taxi!

Well, we got a taxi to take us to the downtown area...oh my...what a ride! I've been in some rough taxi rides...but lets just say that this one was right up there with the rest of them! And...they drive on the "wrong" side of the road there...not a good feeling at times. LOL

The taxi stopped and was able to get a quick view of this beautiful area!

The market area

Really? At the market? lol

Tiffany and Co.!

We wanted to eat some local food while we were there, so we found the famous Gladys Cafe!!! Oh. My. Word. Sooo yummy!! The lemonade was to die for! And the jerk chicken sandwich...was soooo delish!!

On the way to Gladys' Cafe, we had to walk down all these cute little quaint alley ways...LOVED it! So we just had to stop and have a photo op! :)

We finally made it to Gladys'! This is the front of the menu.

Sarah and Michelle...oops Sarah's eyes are closed...but the other pic was fuzzy.

Kris and Kris

Us gals :)

Fried Plaintanes!! Yummy!!

Jerk Chicken Sandwich!

The amazing lemonade



Look closely!
Soo loving all these alley-ways!

Hanging out in the park!

Sarah and Michelle doing a little bit of shopping...

Kristi was way excited to get phone coverage!! Yay!! We felt "connected" to the world again...but only for a couple of hours! LOL

Back on the ship...the view from our balcony! Beautiful!

Beautiful Sunset!!

Time for dinner!! Venita, Me, and Sarah!

Joan, Marlene, and Jean...loved these ladies!!! Sooo much fun!!! Pretty sure we had the loudest table in our whole section! lol


Kareoke Time!

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