Monday, July 12, 2010

They're Hitched!

Saturday was a busy but exciting day around here! My cousin Bethany and Jared got married! Congratulations Bethany and Jared!! Everything turned out really nice and Bethany was beautiful!

The day started out early...I was honored to be the "hair-dresser" for most of the wedding party. Had a blast and the girls were wonderful!
First up was Brianna (our cousin) and Secondly was Megan...

Third was Tori (Bethany's cousin), Fourth was the Bride, and then her Mom, Paulette

All dressed and "almost" ready to go! We still had to put the veil on!

Bethany and her parents, Paulette and Jeff (sorry Bethany for the mid sentence look in the pic of you and your Dad).

She's ready!! Her veil is the same veil that her Nana and her Mom wore on both of their wedding days!

The flowers were so pretty!!!

Brianna (bridesmaid) and Ella (mini bride)

The beautiful Bride!

1. Our cousin Lydia was the flower girl, 2. The guestbook, 3. boutonnieres, and 4. My cousin Jared (Bethany's brother)

Random-ness during the pictures.... Jared and Chris talking to Bethany and Jared
The wedding party! From L to R: Victoria (guestbook), Bridesmaids: Brianna, Megan, Tori, and Tiffany. Bethany and Jared, Groomsmen: Gary, Jared, Mike, and Chris, Ushers: Nathan and Bethany's Uncle Bryce. Flower Girl Lydia and Ring Bearer Nate, Mini Bride Ella and Mini Groom Trenton.

And the Ceremony starts! The Ministers, Groom, and Groomsmen just walked in!

(All the pics of the Bridesmaids were too blurry....sorry!)
Here comes the Bride!!

Kisses for her Dad before he gave her away!

During the Ceremony

During the song they played a slide show to honor all the loved ones that have passed on (Jared's Mom, Bethany's Aunt Bobbie, and our beloved Big Mom and Big Dad).

"You may kiss the Bride!"

Mr. and Mrs. Jared Pettit!

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen walking out

Mr. and Mrs. Jared Pettit!

The heart-shaped follow the Sweetheart theme
Table Decorations and our amazing punch servers, Laura and Rachael

By the time I realized they were cutting the cake, it was too late!

Talking with friends at the reception...Ben, Me, Crystal, Andrea, and Justin

Bethany and Paulette!

Me and the Bride!

Paulette and her brother Kevin

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