Monday, July 12, 2010

Ice-Cream Date

All I have to say is....Uncles are the BEST! Uncle Wayne and I have been talking about this for years...and we finally got to have our "ice cream date"! I had so much fun with him! He's the best! I treasured every minute with him! I loved having my awesome cousin Victoria there too!

We went to Custard's Last Stand!

I LOVE the inside!! It's kind of like an ice-cream parlor with old music playing...such a cool atmosphere! You open the door and the "sweet" smell hits you in the face. lol
I love this mural!!

Toooooo many choices!!

Victoria and I taking a minute to have a photo op. :)

Uncle Wayne and I being's what we do best. :)

Mmmm custard.....its to die for! The background is skittles inside the table...every table had something different in them.

Victoria and Uncle Wayne....they just couldn't get away from the yummy stuff. :)

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