Friday, July 2, 2010


Last week, Sarah and I were driving to St Louis, and I have had a lot on my mind the last couple of weeks and there was a lot that I was praying about this particular day. And, not gonna lie, I was feeling a little down. It started raining like crazy, but the sun was shining. As Sarah and I were talking, I mentioned to her that I would love to see a rainbow. I was silently thinking that I would love to see a rainbow to remind me of God’s promises on what I had been praying about. So we were driving down the road, having a good time, talking about random things, and all of a sudden, Sarah looked out her window and said, “Krista!! Look! There’s a rainbow!” I was so excited! It was beautiful, and it reminded me that God will fulfill His promises to me! It wasn’t 5 minutes later and the rainbow was gone! Thank You Jesus for this beautiful reminder. You never cease to amaze me!

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